Starboard “Free Race” 12′6″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board



Here’s another one from Starboard’s 2010 SUP racing line, the 12′6″ “Free Race” stand up paddle racing board. This board comes in two widths: 29″ for lighter riders and flat water conditions, and 31″ for heavier riders and rougher conditions.


starboard-free-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-4 Tail view of the 12′6″ “Free Race”


starboard-free-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-1 Gaute Kristiansen with the 12′6″ “Free Race”


starboard-free-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-2 Another shot of Gaute Kristiansen with the 12′6″ “Free Race”

Specifications and info from Starboard’s site:

Free Race
12′6″x29″, 12′6″x31″

An exciting way to comfortably enjoy efficient paddle boarding.

The Free race design nicely share the water and are great for both flat water and choppy conditions.

They are also well suited for surf style events like the Battle of The Paddle. The semi sunk deck provides more balance and the flat mid rocker translates each stroke into forward motion.

The board for those looking for performance and ease at the same time.

Available in: Red stripe brushed carbon and
Blue stripe full Epoxy, EPS, Glass.

12′6″ x 29″ Dimensions:
Lenght: 380cm
Width: 74cm
Tail Width: 34.5cm / 13″
Thickness: 19.6cm / 7.7″

12′6″ x 31″ Dimensions:
Lenght: 380cm
Width: 79cm
Tail Width: 45cm / 17.5″
Thickness: 18cm / 7″

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4 Responses to “Starboard “Free Race” 12′6″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board”

  1. jensen kona 1jensen kona

    any places that demo this board and how much? looks pretty killer.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Jensen – I don’t know of any at this time. I’m waiting to test it out myself. Maybe Wet Feet will get one in a few months.

  3. Jeff 3Jeff

    Yes, we just ordered a bunch and they will arrive in time for Battle of the Paddle Hawaii June 12 and 13. FYI you can see the Hawaii SUP race schedule at:


    Wet Feet

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Can’t wait to try them out in Hawaii waters.

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