Starboard at the 2010 Surf Expo in Orlando



Here are some pictures that Margareta sent us from the Starboard booth and some of their boards on display at the 2010 Surf Expo in Orlando. Can’t wait to give these a try.


starboard-at-the-2010-surf-expo-in-orlando-3 Starboard Booth


starboard-at-the-2010-surf-expo-in-orlando-4 New 12′6″ Starboard Szymanski race boards



starboard-at-the-2010-surf-expo-in-orlando-6 2010 Starboard ’short SUP’s’


starboard-at-the-2010-surf-expo-in-orlando-2 Nikki Gregg and friend

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3 Responses to “Starboard at the 2010 Surf Expo in Orlando”

  1. Jeff 1Jeff

    Hey Evan,

    If we want to try the boards we just got the complete 2010 lineup at the Wet Feet shop and put several into our demo fleet. We hadn’t seen the boards before except in catalogs and were very pleased with the quality. What you don’t see from the pics is that it comes with a clear high quality railguard, nice honeycomb fins and factory applied traction sort of like the Versa traction so you don’t have to put a pad on if you don’t want to. The boards are already light and this option keeps them that way. They also have a nice variety of sizes from 12-0 down to 7-11 but they are nice and wide with full noses so they look very stable. Still unpacking so haven’t got to try yet.


  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Jeff – Sounds good. Let us know when these are ready for people to check out and I’ll stop by. Did you get in the Hero 9′x33″ and Avant 11′2″x36″?

  3. Jeff 3Jeff

    Yes we got both in Startouch Blue, didn’t see that color in the booth photos above but we think its the nicest, check the photos I sent.



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