Todd Bradley Paddling Tips – Top Arm and Grip



There’s been some confusion regarding how Todd Bradley uses his top arm to push forward during his paddle stroke. I was at his office and started asking him to clarify the technique and then thought it would be better to just film his explanation.

I also noticed that he uses a different paddle grip technique than what I’m used to. Todd explains that in the video as well:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Todd showing me the traditional Hawaiian paddle stroke:



Todd explains his paddle grip technique:


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4 Responses to “Todd Bradley Paddling Tips – Top Arm and Grip”

  1. jensen kona 1jensen kona

    whats up evan! enjoyed watching the latest videos. todd is super classic. always fun having conversations with him when i get chance to catch him at his shop. still jamming the down wind runs?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    J – Downwinders have been fairly scarce for me in the past months due to work, travel and junk wind. How about you? What are you riding now for your downwind board?

  3. jensen kona 3jensen kona

    well i actually dont have a down wind board at the moment. i broke my vortice XP and im actually in the market for something. not sure what i want, but i do want something, lol. ive actually been doing alot of SUP surfing. i picked up a 9-6 subvector and that board is awesome. been going haleiwa, full point, baby makapuu, rabbit island and so forth.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Jensen – Cool. I surfed the SV 9′6″ last week and really liked it too. It surfs really well.

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