Todd Bradley Pocket Coaching SUP Instruction Session 2 – Gayle



This is Gayle’s first time ever to do a Hawaii-Kai run and she already paddles like a pro as you’ll see in the video. Gayle also did a great job as the camera operator on a number of the other pocket coaching videos. Gayle is a Hawaii expatriate that lives in the mainland so she was super happy to be in the water in Hawaii. Click below for the video.

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5 Responses to “Todd Bradley Pocket Coaching SUP Instruction Session 2 – Gayle”

  1. Scott 1Scott

    Hey Evan

    Great video series. I have gotten a lot out of it. I have only been paddle boarding for 3 months . I believe from watching your videos of Todd ,showing you how to paddle, as well as these pocket coaching series, have helped tremendously. Jeff from wet feet, video taped me paddling and we watched it he said he could find nothing wrong with my stroke. He just said I needed a longer paddle. I have watched your videos and practiced in front of a mirror as well as at Ala Moana. I paddle 5 miles every day windy or not at the beach just trying to get in shape and again I am so grateful for these videos. They have saved me from a lot of possible bad habits. I have a long way to go but I’m improving daily.
    Thanks Evan and God bless. Maybe i’ll see you out in the ocean.



    P.S what is Gayle wearing ??? It looks like a floatation devise . If it is , where can I get one for my wife ??? Thanks my man.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Scott – Thanks for your nice comments. I’m glad these have been helping you. I know how frustrating and exciting this can be, so the faster we can all move through the learning curve the better.

    One thing about going fast on a downwind Hawaii Kai run is catching and connecting bumps. Guys like Todd do it effortlessly and unconsciously and if you’re not catching bumps, they are out of sight in short time.

    Gayle is wearing a pfd of some sort because that’s the law when riding on a jet ski. She was the one doing most of the video. “Thanks Gayle!”

  3. Scott 3Scott

    Hey Evan
    Have you done any runs this past week? It has been howling !!! If you have I would love to hear what it was like, we have not had wind like this in a while. I was land locked this week :(

    I have a question for you. Have you heard of any feed back or have you tried any of the Naish glide series of DW boards??? I hear Harold Iggy is the Man. Gerry Lopez says his boards are some of the fastest out there. I noticed he was using a Naish 14 ‘ glide, doing a Hwaii Kai run. Anyway I was considering getting one and have seen a lot of talk on the forums about these boards, especially the Naish 17 that Dave Kalama is riding now. Just wondered what you’ve heard and maybe consider doing a review on them.

    Mahalo Evan


  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Scotty – I got in a few runs this past week. The wind was howling with gusts up to almost 40 mph. I was scared to leave my board on the ground at Kaimana fearing it may start flying. Today’s downwinder was fun too.

    I haven’t tried the Naish Glide other than a quick 1 minute paddle on it at the end of a run in the flat water. Guys on the forum seem to like them. As always, it’s best to demo test them first because everything is personal preference. I think Wet Feet has some in stock.

  5. Pureadrenalin 5Pureadrenalin

    I enjoy watching this video over and over. Her technique is awesome and I do agree a lot better than most people I see or paddled with..

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