C4 Waterman iSup Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board



During my recent visit to the C4 Waterman HQ, I had the chance to take some pictures of their new inflatable SUP stand up paddle board, the iSUP. I haven’t been able to demo the iSUP yet but it looks like a fun, family board, especially for the kids. This one may be perfect for my son.

c4-waterman-isup-inflatable-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-10 The iSUP’s nose

c4-waterman-isup-inflatable-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-08 The iSUP’s tail with kick pad

c4-waterman-isup-inflatable-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-13 Vinyl thruster fins

c4-waterman-isup-inflatable-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-05 Side view of the iSUP, the carry handle in the middle

Here are the specs from C4’s site:

This functional, lightweight, inflatable surfboard is constructed from the same sturdy materials used in military/commercial inflatable boats, making them durable and UV resistant. The iSUP has a progressive rocker that is great for surfing and river riding. It comes complete with unbreakable vinyl thruster fins, deck pad, pump and travel bag.


  • For headache-free travel and storage, deflate the board
  • Fits easily in its travel case the, size of a sleeping bag
  • Inflates with a hand pump (included)
  • The board is soft and the fins are flexible, but rigid and stable enough to paddle fast and hold well in a waves.
  • A great board for beginners and a convenient, effective training board. Also great in rivers and lakes.
  • This Board was designed for travel, safety, portability and performance.
  • It includes a travel carry bag
  • Pump with pressure gauge
  • Deck pad
  • Paddle/Hand hold

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  1. Tecpartner 1Tecpartner

    Please give us a review of a couple of these inflatable SUPs. It would be great to have a “travel board” in the quiver.

  2.  2admin

    Here’s a review of the C4 Waterman 10′6″ iSUP from Colorado Kayak Supply:


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