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I came across the Steelcore Security Straps last year but was only able to take very short video of it. Then I saw the Steelcore tent at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle and decided to check it out. This time I was able to take a longer video where they demo how strong the security straps are. Check it out:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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6 Responses to “Steelcore Security Straps”

  1. Robin Thomson 1Robin Thomson

    Umm they look pretty good. I wonder if they will end up having the same problem that some similar straps, I own, are having These guys are the distributors
    They have been great, but I have started to noticed that some of the steel inside the strap is poking through the outer covering making it uncomfortable to slide the straps through my hands anymore when I am using them. Hopefully the Steelcores will not be afflicted with the same problem in time.

  2. Paul Alferez 2Paul Alferez

    Is the buckles stainless-steel made? Does it come in pairs? With average price of Top of the line SUP’s & Downwinders (1,000 ), a must product to own. Where can I get it on Oahu?

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Paul – Not sure on the stainless-steel. You can get them at Tropical Blends, C4, Blue Planet Surf and Wet Feet.

  4. Widdy 4Widdy

    I’ve bought this strap online and it works pretty. I paid 80 dollars for the pair, 12 feet long and the cable inside is insulated so it won’t poke through the webbing. I recommend this strap

  5. Paul Alferez 5Paul Alferez

    Mahalo’s Evan, I’ll go check-out the SUP Shops you had mentioned. Paul Al

  6. Jeff 6Jeff

    The buckle/locking mechanism looks like an anodized aluminum alloy and is very solid. The webbing encasing the steel cable is substantial, I’m pretty sure the cable won’t wear through. They work great and I often leave my board on the roof with no worries with those on. For extra security tie a knot on the excess cable (there’s lots of it) and put that inside the car when you shut the door.

    Wet Feet

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