2010 Molokai To Oahu SUP Paddleboard Race



I had my last 6 man canoe regatta in the morning at Keehi Lagoon for the OHCRA Oahu Championships and then raced over to the finish line at Maunalua Bay for the Molokai to Oahu Race. I only shot 2 short video clips, the first with Dave Kalama who won by a lot and the second with Jim Hayes, the owner of Tropical Blends Surf on Queen St here in Honolulu. Check out the videos below:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

I had the hardest time finding parking. There was a police officer giving out parking tickets to a lot of the cars. I finally found a spot on the opposite end of the parking lot.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-02 I saw a bunch of paddle boards sitting around

When I got to the finish area, it was jam packed with people.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-04 Spectators at the finish line

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-33 More Spectators

I was a little late so I didn’t know who won yet. I saw Ekolu Kalama and Scott Gamble resting in the water but I didn’t know that Dave Kalama finished in first and was cruising on land.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-03 Ekolu Kalama in the water and Scott Gamble

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-25 Dave Kalama

I saw Connor Baxter finish. He didn’t even look that tired but he was. This 15 year old is an amazing waterman and a really good kid too. Must be the parenting, right Karen (his mom)?

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-06 Connor Baxter

Lots of congratulations going on at the finish line.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-05 Eric Abbott getting a welcome home

I got some pictures of some of the finishers. I think this is James Watson below. A number of paddlers said that someone was in front just cranking full blast the whole 32 miles. I think they were talking about him.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-07 James Watson

Father/son team of Todd and Christian Bradley finished in 9th place overall and 2nd place for the team stock division. Todd told me that next year Christian will probably race solo because Todd’s too old and is holding him back. Holding him back? Todd’s over 50 years old and still kicking my butt. I really enjoyed the finish for this team. At the finish Todd jumped off the escort boat and paddled in with Christian. It was a really nice heart warming thing to see. I hope that one day I can do this with my kids but first I need them to enjoy the ocean more. I put a sequence at the bottom.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-08 Christian Bradley and Todd Bradley

Here’s Livio Menelau on the new SIC Bullet 17′4″ race SUP. This one is the 2nd board out of the mold. I picked this one up from SIC so thanks to Livio for hand delivering it to me. More on this to come.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-09 Livio Menelau

Here’s Greg Pavao finishing on the new C4 Waterman 14′er. This was one of the new hollow, carbon fiber C4 race SUP’s being built by Kamanu Composites. Kamanu is the same company that builds the Pueo OC1 that keeps dominating the one man canoe races. I think the new Kamanu Composites/C4 boards weigh 18 lbs.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-10 Greg Pavao

Phil Gregory on another SIC Bullet. I saw a number of these.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-11 Phil Gregory

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-12 Andrew Logreco on a Tropical Blends Bernhardt

It’s amazing that over a 32 mile, 6 hour paddle, it can all come down to the last 10 yards. Here’s a battle between a SUP and paddleboarder.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-13 SUP vs paddleboard

It’s a family affair for the Bradleys. Todd’s younger son Brendan raced with Chris Fong on a paddleboard.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-14 Todd Bradley, Brendan Bradley and Christian Bradley

What’s this guy videoing?

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-18 Videographer

Oh, I understand…

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-15 Spectators

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-17 Spectators

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-16 Tiana Becker and Scott Gamble

More finishers…

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-19 Archie Kalepa

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-20 Robert Stehlik

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-22 Brian Szymanski

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-21 The Hammer and Alika Winter

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-26 Mark Raaphorst and Jenny Kalmbach

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-27 Andrea Moller and Mark Raaphorst

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-28 Rebecca and Livio

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-29 Jeff Chang holding his SIC Bullet

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-30 Livio Menelau, Connor Baxter, Mark’s friend and Mark Raaphorst

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-31 Kyle Bernhardt’s and Jim Hayes’ SUP race board

I have to say that in the time I’ve known Jim Hayes, this is the happiest and most excited I’ve ever seen him.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-32 Jim Hayes, Ray Shiraishi and Curtis Miyashiro

I have to give my friend Andrew Yani props. His first time on a race SUP was the Malama Maunalua race last month. He did the left side paddle the entire Molokai race but he finished. Impressive.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-34 Andrew Yani and Kaipo Guerrero

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-35 Eric’s friend and Eric Abbott

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-36 Candice’s friend, Candice Appleby and Fuzzy

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-37 Brian Szymanski and Eric Abbott

The post race award ceremony and party was hosted at the Outrigger Canoe Club. I had to leave early but had time to sit and talk story a bit.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-38 Karen Baxter, Mark Raaphorst and Connor Baxter

Hanging out at OCC, it was cool to hear the “play by play” from Dave Kalama. I thought about filming it but I didn’t want to be rude.

2010-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-39 Dave Kalama

What a fun event. Maybe next year will be the year I actually race.

I was moved by the moment that Todd and Christian Bradley shared at the finish line. It was a father/son moment that will stick in my mind for a while. I hope that I can have a moment and experience like this to share with my kids.

Christian and Todd Bradley crossing the finish line:

Update: Here are some more photos sent to us by Jim Hayes.

start Photo Credit: John De Mello

first-switch Photo Credit: John De Mello

switch Photo Credit: John De Mello

seas-2 Photo Credit: John De Mello

seas-3 Photo Credit: John De Mello

jim Photo Credit: John De Mello

world-champs-1 Photo Credit: John De Mello

world-champs Photo Credit: John De Mello


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5 Responses to “2010 Molokai To Oahu SUP Paddleboard Race”

  1. Fred Hyun 1Fred Hyun

    Good coverage Evan. Congrats to everyone for their finish and a special one to Riggs and Connor, you guys are the future! Awesome!!

  2. Robert 2Robert

    Molokai race: biggest losers
    Many of the paddlers in this year’s Molokai race improved their times from last year. Regardless of where you finished in the field, improving your own time is always a big achievement. The conditions played a role in this but I like to think that better equipment, training, preparation, nutrition and mental state played a bigger role for those who significantly improved their race times. I compared race results from 2009 to 2010 for solo and team SUP racers that competed in the same division both years and calculated the difference.
    I may have missed some but here are some of the SUP racers with the biggest improvement of race times (minutes difference, not counting seconds)

    Connor Baxter: -103 min !
    Dave Kalama: -50 min
    Team: Alika Willis, Tony Moniz: -49 min
    Jeff Chang: -38 min
    Andrea Moller: -34 min
    Robert Stehlik: -34 min
    Kevin Seid: -33 min
    Carolyn Annerund: -22 min
    Team: Christian Bradley, Todd Bradley: -18 min
    Scott Gamble: -16 min
    Jenny Kalmbach: -9 min

    Congratulations to all finishers and thanks to the organizers and sponsors for a great race.
    Aloha, Robert Stehlik

  3. warped 3warped

    Thanks for the write up and the pics Evan. Looks like it was an amazing event as always. I also have an SIC Bullet coming any day now. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

  4. Scott 4Scott

    How come no interview or pics of Ekolu ???

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Scott – I got to the race after the first group of guys already finished. That’s why you only see the pics of Ekolu and Scott in the water hanging out. I shot the video after I finished taking pictures. I’m not sure if he left by then because I didn’t see him. I didn’t get as much video because I forgot my battery on my main video camera and had to use my iphone for the ones above.

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