Bobby Ah Choy – The Early Years of Stand Up Paddle Surfing



Steve at Surftech had this really great photo of Bobby Ah Choy doing his version of stand up paddling (and sit down) in Waikiki. I love the wooden chair! I’m not sure what year this was but you can tell from the skyline and lack of buildings that it was a while ago.


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5 Responses to “Bobby Ah Choy – The Early Years of Stand Up Paddle Surfing”

  1. marcelo 1marcelo

    we love that pic…

  2. harns 2harns

    would be nice to get the story

  3. surfboards pakiri 3surfboards pakiri

    I remember as a kid, seeing these two dudes coaching tourists to surf at Waikiki. They were standing up on oversize surfboards using canoe paddles (extended)to propel themselves around the learners. It was 1978.
    ta Brent

  4. Simon 4Simon

    Ha, that is such a cool pic. The chair isn’t such a bad idea.

  5. David B 5David B

    I’m 67 years young and SUPing in the Pavones, Costa Rica area when i can get outta Panama.

    When we were kids surfing Canoes late 50s-early 60s, if I remember right, I remember both Bobby AND Leroy taking shots….

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