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2011 Starboard Stand Up Paddles


I recently got the chance to check out Starboard’s 2011 stand up paddle lineup when I visited the Blue Planet surf shop over at Ward Avenue. Here’s a video and some pictures.
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C4 Waterman Carbon Double Bend Outrigger Canoe Paddle


I recently got a new OC paddle from C4 waterman. It’s a double bend shaft, all-carbon outrigger paddle with a Tahitian style blade that Todd Bradley designed with George Cronstadt.
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Quickblade Magic DSI 28 and Sweeper Paddles with Jim Terrell


I had the opportunity to check out the Quickblade tent at the 2010 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii. Jim Terrell, founder of Quickblade, showed me their latest racing paddle, the Quickblade Magic DSI 28. It has an interesting design where instead of having a flat paddle surface, the Magic DSI 28 has ‘dimples’ like a golf ball. This surface, according to Jim provides more ‘grip’ when paddling and may allow for a smaller blade.
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Werner’s New Bent Shaft SUP’s Give More Power

Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles has lunched a new Bent Shaft Stand Up Paddle aimed squarely at the fastest growing categories of Stand Up Paddling, cruising, fitness and racing.

“Our new Bent Shaft SUP is the best choice for dedicated paddlers who want to gentle to their bodies while getting more power for the same amount of effort,” say Jim Miller, Werner’s Marketing Manager.
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Surftech San-O Carbon Stand Up Paddle


Here’s a preview of the new Surftech carbon paddle. They have a full carbon model and a carbon/fiberglass model. Both are really light and I was surprised how light the carbon/fiberglass version is. The largest blade size is 9.5″, a bit large for my personal taste but perfect for outrigger paddling. I ended up cutting one of these paddles down to 52″ and use it with my OC-1. I love it for OC-1. It weighs 15 oz which is lighter than my Apple iPad. Continue reading ‘Surftech San-O Carbon Stand Up Paddle’

Aquaglide Adjustable Aluminum Stand Up Paddle


Here’s a quick video I shot with Carnet Williams giving me a demo of the Aquaglide aluminum adjustable length stand up paddle. The adjustable handle moves in 2 cm increments and secures in place with a snap-lock fitting.
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Tropical Blends Carbon SUP Board and Paddle


Jim over at Tropical Blends showed me the next generation of SUP’s made out of carbon fiber. I took these pictures with my iphone a while ago and finally got them off the phone. Sorry if they are a little blurry.
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Starboard 2010 Carbon Stand Up Paddles


Margareta Engström, Starboard’s marketing manager, sent us these photos and info of their carbon stand up paddle lineup for 2010.
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Starboard SUP Paddle Development


Here’s an article about Starboard Paddle Development written by Gaute Kristiansen, product manager for Starboard stand up paddles.
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Werner Paddles releases The Nitro SUP Stand Up Paddle



Werner Paddles recently unveiled new innovations in its Stand Up Paddle range at the Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando Florida. The Werner Nitro is a smaller, Performance Core, carbon paddle and the new Adjustable 3-piece shaft which can be found on all of the SUP models.

I’ve been using the prototype Werner Nitro SUP paddle for a number of months and absolutely love it. I’ve been cutting the width of other paddles down to get to the feel I like and this one is light years ahead of my ‘hack jobs’. It’s interesting that with such a narrow blade I still get enough propulsion and it’s very easy on my joints and shoulders. I’ll do a more thorough review on this paddle later.
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Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek


We were fortunate to get a sneak peek at the 2009 Starboard SUP Catalog. Here is the latest offering from the largest windsurf company in the world now focusing on stand up paddle surfing. Continue reading ‘Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek’

What is Pre-Preg in a Carbon SUP Paddle?


This is the 2nd part of the interview I did with Todd Bradley on the C4 Waterman XPR. I‘ve been hearing about pre-preg lately and wanted to know what it was so I asked Todd what exactly is a pre-preg carbon shaft? Pre-preg, which is short for pre-impregnated, as Todd explains, is a actually a process by which carbon fiber cloth is mixed with the exact ratio of adhesive and other materials needed for the optimum strength and weight proportion of the paddle. So, if you’re still wondering why pre-preg shafts look a lot sturdier? Watch this video and learn more from Todd.
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Todd Bradley Unveils the New C4 Waterman XPR Racing SUP Paddle


I’ve been using the prototype XPR racing stand up paddle for the past few months but had to keep it hush hush until now. I first took it out in a great south shore swell at Publics and fell in love with it. It felt like I got 10 to 20% more power than the C4 Pohaku 8.5″ without the extra strain that normally brings. It’s really smooth with the entry and exit and is very light. Todd can explain the fine points way better than I can so check out this video I shot of him explaining the 3 stage C4 XPR SUP paddle.
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Surftech Stand Up Paddles

Surftech New Paddles

Here’s a short clip of the new Surftech carbon fiber paddles shot during their grand opening.
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Kevin Seid shows Everpaddle Bamboo and Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle – Video Interview


I shot this video of Kevin Seid from Everpaddle at the Wet Feet Hawaii expansion party. I got a chance to try this for a couple waves out at Puena Point. It’s really light weight and the look and feel is very cool. I’m waiting to see what they come out with in smaller blade sizes since that’s my preference.
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