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Candice Appleby with The Prototype Surftech 8′11″ Ripper SUP Board


Last week I ran into Candice Appleby at the Surftech shop where she showed me one of the new prototype boards that she is working on with Randy French. These new boards, an 8′11″ and an 8′4″, are going to be signature Surftech models designed for high performance surfing according to Candice. Here’s a video of Candice with a quick overview of the 8′11 “ripper” stand up paddle board.
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S.I.C. Custom F-18 Flatwater SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


When I was in Maui a couple months ago I saw Jack Dyson’s new F-18 being made. Mark Raaphorst said that it was designed for flatter conditions on the south shore in Kihei. Here’s a video I shot while at SIC.
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Planet Sun Skin Protection Products


I recently went to the 2010 Hawaii Spring New Products Show and got a change to meet up with John O’Malley, president of Planet Sun Hawaii. I’ve been using their sunscreen lately and like it a lot. Here’s a video where John talks about the Planet Sun skin protection products and UV protection in general.
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Tropical Blends Carbon SUP Board and Paddle


Jim over at Tropical Blends showed me the next generation of SUP’s made out of carbon fiber. I took these pictures with my iphone a while ago and finally got them off the phone. Sorry if they are a little blurry.
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S.I.C. X14 SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board


Here’s a look at the new SIC X14 race board. This is the flat water design that Mark Raaphorst designed for short course races like Battle of the Paddle. These boards are especially good for riders under 200 lbs but the X14 seems to be able to float me pretty well at 205 lbs. Continue reading ‘S.I.C. X14 SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board’

Planet Sun Sunphibian Sunglasses


I’ve been using the Sunphibian Polarized Sunglasses from Planet Sun for the past month or so after picking up a pair at the Ocean Expo. These are some of the best sunglasses for the water that I’ve used so far. The ones I wear have an amber lens that blocks the sun and adds more detail which is especially helpful when doing downwinders. Continue reading ‘Planet Sun Sunphibian Sunglasses’

Starboard K-15 15′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board


Another board from Starboard’s 2010 racing lineup, the K-15 stand up paddle race board. Here are some photos and info sent to us by Margareta Engstrom, Starboard’s Media Manager.
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S.I.C. S-16 SUP Standamaran version 3


Looks like Mark made some dramatic changes to the S-16 SUP Standamaran. I’m still waiting for an update on how it rides compared to the earlier versions. Looks pretty slick though.
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Starboard K-14 14′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board


Here are some more photos sent to us by Margareta from their 2010 SUP racing line. This time for the 2010 K-14 stand up paddle race board. This is the board that Ekolu Kalama rode to win the long distance and sprint distance races at the Jever World Cup in Hamburg last year.
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Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer – Review


I recently got my hands on some Surf Nano Product Board Enhancer and decided to try it out. Garry, the Jimmy Lewis distributor said I had to try it and that it was working great for riders in the mainland. The Surf Nano is a ‘Board Enhancer’ kit which comes with a bottle of ‘Board Cleaner’, a bottle of ‘Board Enhancer’, an applicator pad, microfiber finishing towel and usage instructions. Continue reading ‘Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer – Review’

Starboard 2010 Carbon Stand Up Paddles


Margareta Engström, Starboard’s marketing manager, sent us these photos and info of their carbon stand up paddle lineup for 2010.
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Starboard SUP Paddle Development


Here’s an article about Starboard Paddle Development written by Gaute Kristiansen, product manager for Starboard stand up paddles.
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Bark SUP and SIC SUP Race Board Comparison


I was cleaning out my storage area and decided to shoot this video to show the differences between a couple Bark Race SUP’s and SIC’s. The boards are very different. Since I already did individual posts on these boards, this video will just show them side by side. Continue reading ‘Bark SUP and SIC SUP Race Board Comparison’

Steelcore Security Straps


I came across the Steelcore Security Straps last year but was only able to take very short video of it. Then I saw the Steelcore tent at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle and decided to check it out. This time I was able to take a longer video where they demo how strong the security straps are. Check it out:
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S.I.C. S-16 Standamaran Race SUP

Here’s the next creation from the mind of Mark Raaphorst. This is crazy. Mark says the S-16 can sustain a 6.5 mph pace…unreal. I’ll check it out on Maui next week.

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