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Buddy SUP Surfing at Ala Moana


I decided to take my son at Ala Moana Beach Park to just paddle around and get outdoors because I was indoor most of the day getting work done. I need to get out as I was getting cramped up feeling indoors.
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Diamond Head Surf Session with Kekoa

Here’s some clips of my friend Kekoa surfing Diamond Head. It’s from a while back but I figured I’d just post it anyway.

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New Video of 6 Foot SUP

Kainoa Beaupre sent over this video of him on his little mini SUP. At 200 lbs, I’d probably sink it to the ocean floor but Kainoa’s about the size of my 6 year old so it floats him just fine…just kidding. Check out the video.

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SUP Downwinder – Hennessey 2007

I was browsing and found this short video from the Hennessey 2007 Maliko race. Now that I’m into downwind racing, it’s really interesting to see how these guys are catching bumps. If you watch the SUP portion around 2 minutes into the video, you’ll see Dave and Ekolu Kalama almost not even paddling and getting really long glides. It’s definitely something to strive for and the Maliko conditions look super fun. Check out the video.

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Himalayas and Polluted Water


I took the video and these pictures last New Year’s eve on the North Shore after heavy rainfall. You’ll notice from the pictures here how gross the water looks. Continue reading ‘Himalayas and Polluted Water’

Molokai Trip with Mark Raaphorst and Sandwich Island Composites Team


Mark Raaphorst and his Sandwich Island Composites Team did a great job with these photos on their Molokai Trip. Mark sent me these to share with everyone. Enjoy the images.
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Penetrator Run with Pono Bill


Pono Bill is the guy who runs the, the Pono House blog, and goes by the avatar-PonoBill online. He is an interesting guy from the mainland who spends part of his time on Maui.
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Starboard K15 SUP Board in Action-video


I’ve been riding the Starboard K15 SUP board off and on and shot some video of it in action. First off, the K-15 is an interesting board. It’s not meant for surfing but it can actually surf small waves. The board has incredible glide, especially in flat water which makes it perfect for lakes and inland paddling. A while back I took it out to Old Man’s in Waikiki and caught swell. I’m saying swell because for the most part, the swell never broke into a wave. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video I shot of Randy Lui-Kwan surfing it.
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Stand Up Paddling in Pattaya, Thailand-video


I took this video and pictures last year (October 2008) when I went to the Starboard headquarters for a visit.

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The first day that we were in Pattaya, Thailand, there was no wind and the water very glassy. The water was super warm, almost bath tub-water warm. The water was brownish but actually seemed fairly clean. I didn’t get sick so it was probably ok.  Pattaya is a resort area and had a lot of hotels on the beach. I was surprised because there were a ton of Russian people there and signs were also in Russian. Continue reading ‘Stand Up Paddling in Pattaya, Thailand-video’

SUP Surfing at North Shore with DW and Jacky-video


DW a.k.a Dwight Fisher, is an active blogger on the Standupzone forum. He lives in North Carolina and an Engineer by trade. Both DW and his wife Jacky, are SUP addicts. He has a great blog at DW and Jacky are fun to hang out with and a very nice couple. They were on Oahu for the week of January 26, checking out the North and South shore for SUP surfing. They went everywhere from Waikiki Canoes to Diamond Head and North Shore. They even got a chance to join some paddling clinics and hang out with Todd and the C4 crew in Waikiki.
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SUP Surfing with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach – Video


A few months ago I got in a SUP surf session with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach, North Shore, Hawaii. I got in touch with Ekolu on a Tuesday and he called me to say that he would be in Oahu getting ready for a humanitarian trip and sup movie they are filming in Honduras and El Salvador. He was going to be here from Thursday to Tuesday which coincided with a huge north swell that had come in with I think about 20′ face type waves with really good conditions, light winds and just pristine weather.
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Ekolu Kalama Waterview at Sunset Beach


I took this video last year with Ekolu Kalama in the water at Sunset Beach. When I shot this, we were facing away from the surf breaks and were safe in the channel. I asked Ekolu to give some tips on how to move from bigger waves to smaller waves and how to stay safe in the water. He shared his first experience with big waves at 25’ Hawaiian style, not knowing what to do, still trying to get his act together in the water. Luckily, for him the water was not crowded which gave him the chance to experiment on his moves.
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The Hammer and Robin Johnston SUP Surf at Cardiff Reef

Looks like The Hammer and Robin Johnston had some great SUP surf sessions at Cardiff Reef in San Diego, California a few weeks ago. It took freezing cold weather (for Hawaii people that’s anything under 70 degrees) to make The Hammer cover his muscles with a wetsuit. Thanks mother nature. lol.
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NFL Star Junior Seau SUP Surfing on Surftech SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


I was talking with Duke over at Surftech to see what was new, who was getting into SUP, etc and found out that NFL star Junior Seau is now pretty stoked on stand up paddle surfing. From the pictures it looks like he’s all by himself but then again, who would drop in on Junior Seau?
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SUP at Toes with Kainoa and Sonny

Here are some pictures and a short video clip from a SUP session from a while ago at Toes in Aina Haina. Kainoa B and crew were helping out some AccesSurf friends and teaching a few others how to SUP.

Sonny teaching a friend how to SUP for the first time

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