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Know Your Limits – My First Experience in the Kaiwi Channel

Know Your Limits - My First Experience in the Kaiwi Channel

I got the chance to paddle in the Kaiwi Channel last week.  This is the channel between Molokai and Oahu where the 32 mile race is held.  Let me start out by saying it was way harder than I thought it would be.  I got a call from Kainoa B who I will now refer to as ‘The Hammer’ (inside joke).  He was excited about taking his boat out into the Kaiwi Channel and doing a mini Molokai downwinder.  Tommy from Freedom Surf Company was coming to get some video and photo footage (footage of Tommy surfing) and his other friend Carlos was coming along for the paddle.  Kekoa was in the driver’s seat and we were all set. Continue reading ‘Know Your Limits – My First Experience in the Kaiwi Channel’

Joe Bark Interview – Board Previews and Tips

I did this interview with Joe Bark last month over the phone. I just learned about Joe while getting more and more into the SUP distance paddling arena. Joe is famous for his paddleboards and is now expanding into stand ups. He’s got a new 14′ SUP racer coming out from Surftech in the future and we got the scoops in advance. I haven’t gotten any date for the board release but it hopefully will be by Q1 2009.
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Mark Raaphorst Interview – F-14, F-16 and New SUP Race Boards

Last month I interviewed Maui based shaper and surfer Mark Raaphorst, and he discussed the differences between the F14 and F16’s along with other boards being used for downwinder stand up paddling. I shared with him my experience using the F16 while doing a downwinder and how the board became faster when it filled with water. He also gave some really good insight into downwind racing. I learned a lot.

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Surf Icon, Donald Takayama: The Talk Story

Surftech Grand Opening

I got a chance to interview the legendary Donald Takayama over the phone. At 65, Donald Takayama is still going strong. He started his career of making boards at age 11, became a shaper, surfer and still proves to be the master of style and technique. Continue reading ‘Surf Icon, Donald Takayama: The Talk Story’

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New Surftech Stand Up Video with Laird Hamilton, Jamie Mitchell and Friends


I just got the press release for Surftech’s new stand up paddling instructional video and I immediately clicked on over to to check it out.  This has got to be one of the best free videos I’ve seen so far.  I know it has a lot of Surftech promotion in it but it’s always nice to hear whatever Laird has to say.

This is definitely for the newbie beginner, especially the part where the guy shows what the deck, nose and tail of the board is.

Brian Keaulana Stand Up Board Talk – Video

Brian Keaulana talks about different stand up boards. There’s also a segment in the video where he gives a lot of tips, specially for beginners. Check it out.

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Black Marks on the Rail Removal

Check out this quick video I shot on how to remove the black scuff marks on the rails of a stand up paddle board.

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Downwind Insight 8-5-08

I was waiting for the south swell that didn’t show up today.  Since I’ve been having fun doing downwinders and making decent improvements my new personal rule of thumb is that if the waves are less than chest high and the wind is 10 mph+ then I’ll do my best to go on a downwinder.  It’s more stimulating for me.  The wind started blazing today in the morning so I got together my buddy Luis who rode a Joe Bark lie down paddle board demo from Surftech and Kainoa Beaupre who rode the 14′ yellow Ted Spencer that I kept falling off of a few weeks back.  Incidentally, Kainoa paddled that board in the Molokai race (unofficially bc he missed the application deadline) under 7 hours.  That goes to show how it’s the rider more than the board (although the board definitely makes a difference). Continue reading ‘Downwind Insight 8-5-08′

Joe Blair Stand Up Board Touch Up Tips

Here’s a short video clip of Joe Blair helping me touch up my board. The part with the spray paint is from a repair needed from hitting the reef and busting out my fin box. I got the board fixed but didn’t get any color at their suggestion. Needless to say, it looked ugly on the bottom.

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Downwinder Insights

I’ve been doing a lot of downwind runs in the past 3 weeks.  I just did the Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach (9 miles?) today.  I finally did it under 2 hours and maybe that’s because I didn’t sit down as much as I normally do.  Yes, I’m the lazy paddler and I realize that time is still slow. Continue reading ‘Downwinder Insights’

Q&A – Information About The Infinity Quad

jason wrote:
Evan, would you mind giving me some information about the Infinity Quad?

I have an opportunity to pick one up and was curious if you had any additional thoughts about the board beyond your review.

Specifically, of all the boards you’ve ridden, where would you put this one in the pack for a pure surfing board?

I’m basically your weight, a little taller and am looking at a 10′6 x 28 x 4 5/8

How’s the stability of the board. Seems the thicker tails he makes would add to stability.

The other board I am choosing between is a PSH 10′6 all arounder

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Q&A – Beginner Board Recommendations

Chris wrote:

Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you be able to help recommend a good beginner board for me? I’m trying to start standup paddling, and I’ve been reading this website as well as other forums, etc. trying to find a good board.

Based on all the reviews you’ve done, I figured you were the guy to ask. There’s so many different boards to choose from that I’m just making myself nuts trying to figure out the differences. I’m 6′3″, 235 lbs., and a novice surfer.

I’m looking for the most durable board possible, and I’m more interested in cruising than surfing with it. I’ll probably surf only occasionally, in knee-high waves. I was looking at the 11′6 c4 waterman from hawaiian south shore. I also inquired at psh, and Austin said they’d be getting in some 11′0 x 30 x 4 7/8 hand glassed boards in august. Would either of these boards suit me and be able to handle the abuse of a beginner falling/whacking it with a paddle every day? Or would you recommend an entirely different brand/board/model?

I like those two options I mentioned because both come with pad, fins, and paddle, which made them more economical for me. I’d like to stay in the 1400-1800 price range for the total package.

I’d really appreciate any advice or opinions you have, such as whether you’d recommend a molded sandwich board or a hand glassed one. I’ve been reading this site daily, and I love it. Thank you in advance for your time!

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Q&A – Surftech Softop Surfboard as a Stand Up Paddle Board

I have a surftech 12ft softop surfboard. Is it suitable for use as a stand up paddleboard?

I never could get the knack for riding the waves w/ it. Its just kind of going to waste. Before I step up to an actual paddleboard I would like to give it a try on the softop I own. I am 6ft 1in 250lbs.

Many thanks,

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Q&A – Surftech Infinity


I bought an Infinity, I’m glad I did. It’s a little on the heavy side but not bad. It’s loose… I like the way it rides and is easy to stay on while waiting for waves.

Question, will Infinity be making a Surftech version of this model. Since owning it I’ve depressed the deck & the grip on the front is starting to peel off. The front I can see it’s just tape. Clearly not a Jack Reeves, Alvin, or Clays glass job. I’ve been a backyard glasser for many years, I’ve played a lot with epoxies.

As a side note I went to Home Depot & got Rubber Mastic Tape 30″/$10.00 for wrapping the edge of the paddle (you don’t get a sticker though).

Create a Great Day


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Does a Wake Vest Make Me a Wus?


I don’t know how else to say this but I’m scared of big waves. My ‘big’ is double overhead and up. I’m less scared on the South Shore and more on the North Shore because the waves are so much stronger. The part that really bugs me is getting held under the wave after wiping out. It’s not that bad in head high waves but when it gets bigger and especially on the North Shore, I don’t like the flailing motion of not knowing when I’ll pop up to get a breath.

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