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Stand Up Paddle Board Vent Plugs

Aloha you all… Evan gave me access to the site and here I am writing my first post. A quick stand up paddle history about me. I first stood up with a paddle about two years ago on Maui when I was visiting a couple of friends. They plopped me onto a couple monster 12 foot boards and I was hooked. I left Maui with a repaired paddle (broken windsurf mast and universal) looking for a board. A buddy in Honolulu had an old beat up Munoz Surftech that he loaned me. I was in for a surprise the first time I paddled out at Kaimana. The board was totally unstable and the winds battered me to shreds. I kept taking the board out until I finally found my very own board. It was a Dave Parmenter 10′ gray camo board shaped for Archie on Maui. This board was a beast. Heavy, stable, and a tank on water. The board had gone many through many hands and everytime I went out someone would yell.. hey that board was sitting at my house for months…

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