Boardworks Rusty 9′8″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board



I was at Blue Planet Surf’s Hawaii store on Ward Ave and got some pics and video of the Rusty 9′8″ SUP. Here are the specs below and a short video preview.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

More info taken from Boardworks’ site:

Design Notes

Rusty SUP’s are designed to surf.

All feature similar bottom contours: Slight release in nose, Flat entry, Light concave in center, A slight double barrel vee coming into the fins, Flat off the back. All boards feature a tight bottom radius on the rails. This contributes to stability and helps to get the board up and planning more efficiently.

This is a proven, go-to, bottom design for surfboards that has stood the test of time for decades. It generates a lot of speed yet enables the rider to make smooth, controlled, rail-to-rail transitions with minimal effort.

Height: 9′8″
Width: 29″
Thickness: 4″
Fins: 2+1

Liters: 158

boardworks-rusty-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-03 Rubber deck pad and kick pad

boardworks-rusty-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-04 Square tail

boardworks-rusty-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-07 The nose rocker

boardworks-rusty-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-10 Hard rails

boardworks-rusty-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-15 2+1 fin setup

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  1. randy 1randy

    I got to demo this board last weekend. At 5′8 and 185 lbs, it floated me well and was a stable paddler. Actually glides better than my go to 9′6 and punches over whitewater easily. This board carves just as readily backside as frontside. For the few sessions I rode it, waves were not much more than waist to head high but even the tiny stuff felt rippable. Comes in a 1 2 setup but turns as well as some smaller quads I’ve ridden. Rail to rail transitions are rapid and does not seem to lose speed in direction changes. Snaps were the most fun – off the bottom or shoulder and especially off the top.

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