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Surf Nano Products at the 2010 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii


Here’s demo of the Surf Nano Product (SNP) by Tom Warnke. This was shot at the Hawaii Battle of the Paddle 2010. I did a test with this stuff in an earlier post but I thought I’d get the demo on video straight from the horse’s mouth. SNP is supposed to make your board faster by reducing friction and drag. You’ll have to test it for yourself.
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Planet Sun UV-Blocking Travel Umbrella at the 2010 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii


Here’s John O’Malley from Planet Sun showing off his UV blocking travel umbrella. I have one of these and can vouch that the thing works. On a hot and sunny day, you can feel a pretty big difference when under this umbrella vs when you’re not under it. If you’re in the sun a lot, this may be a great option for sun protection. Continue reading ‘Planet Sun UV-Blocking Travel Umbrella at the 2010 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii’

Future Fins SUP Fin Overview – Video


At the 2010 Hawaii Battle of the Paddle I met the guys at Future Fins and got a short fin knowledge lesson on the spot. This video goes through the Future Fins SUP line.
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Planet Sun Apparel and Accessories


Here are some more products from Planet Sun Hawaii which were on display at the recent 2010 Hawaii Spring New Products Show. Check out this video where John O’Maley shows us some of their hats and their UV sleeve:
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Planet Sun Skin Protection Products


I recently went to the 2010 Hawaii Spring New Products Show and got a change to meet up with John O’Malley, president of Planet Sun Hawaii. I’ve been using their sunscreen lately and like it a lot. Here’s a video where John talks about the Planet Sun skin protection products and UV protection in general.
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Planet Sun Sunphibian Sunglasses


I’ve been using the Sunphibian Polarized Sunglasses from Planet Sun for the past month or so after picking up a pair at the Ocean Expo. These are some of the best sunglasses for the water that I’ve used so far. The ones I wear have an amber lens that blocks the sun and adds more detail which is especially helpful when doing downwinders. Continue reading ‘Planet Sun Sunphibian Sunglasses’

Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer – Review


I recently got my hands on some Surf Nano Product Board Enhancer and decided to try it out. Garry, the Jimmy Lewis distributor said I had to try it and that it was working great for riders in the mainland. The Surf Nano is a ‘Board Enhancer’ kit which comes with a bottle of ‘Board Cleaner’, a bottle of ‘Board Enhancer’, an applicator pad, microfiber finishing towel and usage instructions. Continue reading ‘Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer – Review’

Steelcore Security Straps


I came across the Steelcore Security Straps last year but was only able to take very short video of it. Then I saw the Steelcore tent at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle and decided to check it out. This time I was able to take a longer video where they demo how strong the security straps are. Check it out:
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Altered M6 800 “Green Machine” Electric Skateboard


I recently visited Robert Stehlik at the Bionic Wheels office and Boardworks warehouse to check out the M6 800 “Green Machine” from Altered Electric Skateboards. I was supposed to try an earlier China brand model that Todd Bradley had but it wasn’t working. After forgetting about it for a while I asked Robert to demo one of his Altered Electric models. I’m glad I did.
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Tropical Blends Paddle Straps and Leash


Tropical Blends Surf has some new SUP accessories.  They have a branded line of ankle and calf leashes.  The ones shown below are 10′ long.  They also have a redesigned paddle strap used with the dual deck leash plugs on their boards to carry the paddle and to use the paddle as a handle.  These are heavy duty with a design drawn from the leash strap.
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StickyWheel Board Transportation Device


This is another interesting product I saw at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle, the StickyWheel Board Transportation Device. Here’s a description from their website:
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On It Pro Blue Goo and Xtreme Cream for SUP


I saw some interesting products on display during the 2009 Battle of the Paddle. Among them was the Blue Goo board cleaner and Xtreme Cream bottom coating from On It Pro. Check out the video for a demo on how to use them on a stand up board:
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VersaTraction Deck Grip


I initially heard about VersaTraction from Kainoa Beaupre a few months ago and he was raving about how this peel and stick traction for surfboards was going to replace wax, etc.  I didn’t think about it again until talking with Curtis Miyashiro who explained to me how it actually worked and how good it was.  He showed it to me on his new Firewire board and I decided to try it on the nose portion of my new SUP’s.  I have to say, I am impressed. Continue reading ‘VersaTraction Deck Grip’

F-14 Travel Bags


Here’s the info for the bags straight from Mark Raaphorst:

Aloha Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that our custom F-14 SIC Travel board bags have arrived. If anyone is interested please let us know. Continue reading ‘F-14 Travel Bags’

Starboard SUP Sail


I took this video sometime last year when I went to visit Starboard in Bung Taco, Thailand. Svein Rasmussen, Starboard CEO, showed me this prototype wind sail.
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