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DaKine Hydration Pack 2.0


I used my first DaKine Hydration Pack so much that I gave it to my brother and got a new one. The good news is that the new version has a few additions that were missing in the first version.
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Future Fins – Vector 3/2, 3/2/1, Scimitar and Gerry Lopez


Since there hasn’t been any wind, I’ve been SUP surfing a lot more. I also just got some new Future Fins to play with and finally had some time to test them. If anyone has had success using these fins, please comment below because I’m still trying to figure out which ones work best for different conditions.
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F-16 Version 2 in Action Video

Mark Raaphorst told me about a tripod camera system he was making to record his downwind sessions. Very nice job Mark. Check out the video of the F-16 Version 2 in action.

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DaKine SUP Accessories

Part of the reason that I love SUP is that I love gadgets and DaKine has some of the best gadgets around. I just got some DaKine tools and gear and wanted to show them here.


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Vibram 5 Fingers KSO -video

vibram_5_fingers_kso -04.jpg

I just got my new Vibram 5 Fingers KSO shoes that I use for stand up paddle surfing. This shoes help me a lot to avoid foot cramps and the grip is very good.
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Tropical Blends Rack Pads


I’ve been using these car rack pads from Tropical Blends Surf and really like them.
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Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek


We were fortunate to get a sneak peek at the 2009 Starboard SUP Catalog. Here is the latest offering from the largest windsurf company in the world now focusing on stand up paddle surfing. Continue reading ‘Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek’

C4 Waterman Handle Grip Install


Here’s a couple of video clips I took of the C4 Waterman handle grip installation demo. Using some foam grip scrap pieces, see how Joe positions the pad on the top most portion of the handle, starting off at the center towards the sides, following the contour of the handle. Notice how he carefully removes the adhesive backing making sure it overlaps smoothly. He cuts clean the excess pad with a razor, sands it after and it’s done.
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C4 Waterman Paddle Grip Install

This is a short video I took of Joe putting on the C4 Waterman paddle grip on my C4 XPR SUP paddle shaft. It will show you how the grip is installed. You might want to do it on your own shafts but if your hands are shaky, might as well try it on someone else’s. Watch how accurate Joe is with the installation, from the grip set-up, cutting the excess part and finishing it off scratch free.

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Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand

Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand

During my visit to Starboard headquarters Svein thought it would be a good idea for me to try and windsurf.  I was excited but a bit reluctant.  First off, there was no wind.  Second, I have no windsurfing experience.  He asked the resident pro instructor, Duncan to teach me so I decided to give it a shot.  I was surprised that Duncan could even get the Super 12′6″ SUP to move in the sub 5 mph winds. Continue reading ‘Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand’

Joe Blair 12-6 SUP Racing Board – Preview and Video

Joe Blair 12-6 SUP Racing Board

After a long wait, I finally got my Joe Blair 12′6″ SUP race board. It’s way different than any of the other racing stand up boards that I’ve ridden or even seen. Actually, the closest one to this would probably be the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″. But the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″ is much thicker, the rails are different and the outline is different. Some of the other ones almost have a kayak type look, or paddleboard type look and feel. But to me, this one to me has more of a surfboard feel.
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Surftech Takayama Thruster

Here’s a short clip of the thruster I installed on the Surftech Takayama. I used True Ames 4.5″ fins.

For the most part, I liked it. It turns tighter and it didn’t feel like it was gonna slide out. The problem that I had w/ it was that when you get towards the nose, it makes it kinda harder to nose ride. I guess riding this board as a thruster may not make a lot of sense because if I have a smaller board I can ride that one straight off the tail. But the Takayama seems like it wants to be ridden all around the board, the nose, the tail. Actually, after talking to Takayama, that’s exactly what he said.

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Shirts by The Ryde


My wife got one of these surf inspired shirts and wanted to write about it so here it is:

I was so thrilled to receive The Ryde t-shirt in the mail! When opening the package and taking out the shirt I noticed immediately the quality of the shirt, the color was vibrant and the material was soft. I couldnʼt wait to put it on and feel it against my skin. Upon putting it on, I immediately noticed that the shirt fit perfect to size and the material was very soft and comfortable. Continue reading ‘Shirts by The Ryde’

Surftech 2009 Stand Up Paddle Gear Preview


I just got this sneak peek from Surftech to show what’s new in 2009. This shows all the boards, current and new including the new Joe Bark 14’ racing SUP coming out sometime in 2009.  These will be on display at the ASR show in September and some are just a preview.

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C4 Waterman 2009 Stand Up Paddle Gear Catalog


I just got this preview from Greg over at C4. It will be debuted at the ASR Show in September but we get the sneak peek.

Click here to download the PDF Catalog