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Livio Menelau showing the SIC line and Ion camera at Surf Expo, Sept 2012

Blue Planet Surf

Livio is a Brazilian who made Maui his home. He is one of the fastest SUP racers and a funny guy to hang out with. We ended up sitting next to each other on the red eye flight from LA to Orlando. We arrived in Orlando at 6 am and headed off to the Surf Expo demo day, which was a great event. Despite the sweltering heat and humidity, being outside and on the water was more fun than being inside the convention center all day at the Surf Expo for the next 3 days.
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C4 Waterman 2013 SUP Stand Up Paddle Catalog


Hot off the press is C4 Waterman’s 2013 SUP stand up paddle catalog. It actually reads like a magazine with interesting first person pieces from the C4 team. Get a glimpse into the minds of Brian Keaulana, Dave Parmenter and Todd Bradley while meeting their team of ambassadors. Oh, and check out the huge line of products. Continue reading ‘C4 Waterman 2013 SUP Stand Up Paddle Catalog’

Surf Expo: Starboards 2013 products previews by team riders

Blue Planet Surf

It turned out that our Blue Planet/ Evepaddle booth at Surf Expo was right next to the Starboard booth. We sell a lot of Starboards products at the Blue Planet Surf Shop so I went over to check out what’s new for next year. It was on Friday, the day before the Standup World tour event at Coco Beach and all the top teamriders were on hand to talk about what’s new. Here are the videos I was able to shoot at the Starboards booth with some of the world’s top stand up paddlers:
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VIRUS Action Sport Performance Apparel


In June, I got the chance to visit the guys at VIRUS Action Sport Performance at their HQ in California. Ryan Rubiano and Sten Rasmussen graciously gave me a tour of their facilities as well as an extensive run down on their current product line-up. In March I hurt my back and shoulder. I had an inflamed disc that made me feel like I was crippled. To make it worse, I pulled my shoulder too. I was in desperate need of anything that could help me speed up my recovery. I’ve been using the Virus compression pants and top almost every single day since June and I’m convinced the product works for me. Continue reading ‘VIRUS Action Sport Performance Apparel’

New SUP Design Tips from Joe Blair – Video

Joe Blair

I recently visited Joe Blair at his surf shack in Solana Beach, California. This was the first time I’ve been to his place and it was great because I took my boys and they got to learn a bit about surfboards and later paddled at Cardiff. In this video, Joe shares some of what’s new with his SUP surfboard designs. Continue reading ‘New SUP Design Tips from Joe Blair – Video’

Blue Planet Surf Featherlite Carbon Paddle


Here is Robert Stehlik with the new Blue Planet Surf featherlite high-performance carbon paddle. Robert also shows us their new high-performance paddle edge tape and microgrip paddle grip tape. I tested the paddle during this session at Mokuleia and was impressed.
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All perfect products address the complex design issues with ease and simplicity

C4 Waterman iSUPs. All perfect products address the complex design issues with ease and simplicity.


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WaveJet Propulsion System


I recently met Mike Railey (CEO and inventor) of WaveJet and he showed me some of their prototype boards which uses the WaveJet Pod propulsion system. This is basically a small jet engine that attaches to the bottom of a water vehicle. Check out the video below where Mike explains the WaveJet Propulsion System in more detail. Also in the video are some clips of me and my friend Kekoa Mau test riding a couple of WaveJet SUP boards. Continue reading ‘WaveJet Propulsion System’

New Blue Planet Surf SUP Products


Robert Stehlik shows us some useful products developed by Blue Planet Surf. These include an epoxy ‘ding stick’, clear, smooth rail tape, and a couple of new fins for downwind racing.
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Stand Up Paddle Trainer Version 2 at Blue Planet Surf


Once again, the paddling mad scientist Robert Stehlik has come up with a new version of an on land stand up paddling trainer. This one is designed to work in conjunction with a SUP video game and folds up for easy storage. I think version 2 is better than version 1 but if you want to find out for yourself, stop by Blue Planet Surf on Ward Ave in Hawaii and give it a spin.
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Planet Sun Zen Paddle Master Hat


Here’s a new model from Planet Sun’s apparel line, the Zen Paddle Master hat. John “Mr. Sunshine” O’Malley, owner of Planet Sun, gives us a detailed explanation of the features of the Zen Paddle Master hat. The model is Duane Desoto who just won the Oxbow World Championship for longboard surfing.
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Planet Sun DragonFly Topwater Sunglasses


The DragonFly is Planet Sun’s new model for their topwater eyewear line. I use the Sunphibian model religiously when paddling SUP, OC-1 or Canoe. This is the newest model that has a detachable strap and wrap type frame. I wear these on the beach and also at my kid’s sport events. They are comfy and the lenses cut the glare.
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Planet Sun UV Protection Products


Planet Sun has some of the best UV protection products out on the market. I personally own and use the Sunphibian Polarized Sunglasses which is great on and off the water. The sun umbrellas are handy when I’m at my kid’s baseball, soccer and when sitting at a hot football game. Planet Sun UV-blocking travel umbrella. I got introduced to Planet Sun at the Ocean Expo we had on Oahu. John, the founder, was promoting his line of sun protection and it caught my eye. I picked up a bunch of stuff to test out and really liked it.
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Everpaddle SUP Deck Bag and Elastic Cord Netting


Kevin Seid from Everpaddle showed me a couple of their SUP board accessories, the Everpaddle Deck bag and the Everpaddle Elastic Cord Netting. These are great options for touring, cruising or camping. The bag and net are light weight and look pretty durable. Kevin, the founder of Everpaddle is an avid SUP paddler and racer and has worked hard on his line of product for the past few years. I first met Kevin when he came out with a bamboo stand up paddle. These accessories round out his line of gear for SUP.
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Stand Up Paddle Trainer at Blue Planet Surf


I was at Blue Planet Surf’s Ward Ave. store and Robert Stehlik showed me a SUP trainer he developed using components from a rowing machine. Robert gave an overview of the SUP training machine and I tested it out along with another customer named Peter.
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