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C4 Guys Stand Up Paddle Surfing Big West Side

Check out this video of Todd Bradley, Brian Keaulana, Dave Parmenter and Tiare Lawrence surfing double and triple overhead waves.

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C4 Waterman Demo Day January 12


Come check out C4 Waterman’s demo day this Saturday, January 12, from 7-9AM, at Ala Moana Beach Park. The team will be on the Magic Island side of the lagoon.

Try out any of the C4 selection of stand-up paddle boards, including the inflatable Uli Board. Check out their selection of paddles, as well. Paddle around the lagoon, and find out which board you like.

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Fraser Island Stand up Paddle Challenge: Stand Up for the Disabled!

Photo courtesy of Pacific Longboarder

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 November, 2007 : – - Two Noosa-based stand up paddle surfers will paddle more than 300 kilometers around Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, to raise money for surfers less fortunate than themselves. Chris de Aboitiz and Eugene “Woogie” Te Manu Marsh, both champion surfers and paddlers, will endeavour to complete the first circumnavigation of Fraser Island by paddlers from 26 November.
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Hollywood Star Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox Stand Up Paddling

Looks like Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox were out doing a little stand up paddling in Hawaii recently. Did anyone see them? Check out the picture because Courtney looks like she’s just about to go swimming.

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C4 Waterman/BoardWorks Demo Day at Cardiff Reef, November 27

C4 Waterman/Boardworks
Demo Day
Cardiff Reef
Tuesday, 27 November

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Stand Up Paddle on Auction for Save The Children


Bob of will be auctioning off a stand up paddle with pyrographic artwork for charity. The auction will be held in the next two weeks for the “Save The Children” initiative. This event is spearheaded by our friends at

The paddle that has the artwork added on to is the one on the left.


Visit Bob’s post on for more information about the paddle.

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Epic SUP Session

I try to limit describing my surf sessions as epic… in all, maybe a dozen sessions a year may even qualify as epic status. This year with work and travel, my epic sessions have been far and few. Well, yesterday definitely classifies as an epic SUP session. Continue reading ‘Epic SUP Session’

Wild and Wooly

It’s summer somewhere in the world… oh yeh.. in New Zealand. Too bad for the kiwis they are all experiencing a winter revival. The last two weeks have seen a swath of winter type storms brewing in the SPAC producing some of the biggest south swells of the season – in Nov. Good for us in Hawaii. There is basically surf all over the island. Blane emailed to say the Northshore was firing the past couple of days. I went out in town this morning to find some pretty fat waves rolling through out in the Waikiki bay. A couple Standup Surfers trying to battle the ferocious winds. A pretty amazing change from the super oily glassy conditions we had on Sat. Hope you are finding time to get out and catch some! As a special treat before the holidays, my buddies at Tactics have extended a 15% discount to all Standup Paddle Surf readers for tons of quality surf, skate, and snow gear. Just click on the image below and make sure to use the code “Paddle” when you check out.

Tactics Coupon

FREE DVD with C4 Waterman Stand Up Paddle

C4 Waterman is giving away a free DVD of “Stand Up Paddle Surfing – Hawaiian Style Vol. 1″, a how-to video on stand up paddle surfing, for every purchase of a C4 Waterman Stand Up Paddle. Promo runs until December 15, 2007.


Buy and Sell Stand Up Paddle Gear at

The team behind recently launched its Classifieds site catering to the growing number of stand up paddle enthusiasts around the world. connects stand up paddle surf buyers and sellers, providing them with a platform where they can exchange SUP-related goods and services.

The site adds to’s growing service offering. aims to build a locus where SUP fans can gather information and exchange ideas about this relatively new water activity that is sweeping the world’s oceans.
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First Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest


What a beautiful day in Honolulu for a Stand Up Paddle Surf contest! My very first foray into a competitive surf environment. Small kine waves at Bowls for our 30 mins one heat final. Six of us out there and the best waves of the day! Nothing special, but enough to show off the grace and form of SUP surfers. I had a bunch of fun rides, lip hits, paddle tricks and noserides. When I got in the realities of surf contests hit me.. I had killer rides and would have placed somewhere in the top half, but what I didn’t know is that you get points deducted if you are on the same wave as other folks… the rule is usually first on their feet, but on a SUP you are already on your feet. So I did what I do with friends.. hop on together and if there’s room ride, if not pull out. Well.. that didn’t sit well with the judges and negative points I went. Oh well… there’s next time. It was all for fun anyways.

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C4 WATERMAN Releases ‘Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate’ DVD


HONOLULU – (Friday, October 12, 2007) – C4 Waterman, the leaders in the stand-up paddle surfing market, have teamed up with Premiere Productions to produce Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate.

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A Beach Boys-inspired Business

By Linda Dela Cruz
Wednesday – October 10, 2007

C4 Waterman founders (from left) Todd Bradley, Mike Fox and Brian Keaulana

A pastime of the famous Waikiki Beach Boys has been revived for the 21st century. Back in the 1960s when the Beach Boys wanted to take pictures of tourists, they created a smarter way to accomplish their goal. They stood up on the surfboard and used a paddle to help them navigate. A renaissance in the sport started when some of today’s surfers began using the paddles in surfing to intensify their training.

A trio of ocean sports competitors – Brian Keaulana, Todd Bradley and Mike Fox – formed the company C4Waterman this past January to create special products for stand-up paddling as they watched the popularity of the sport increase. Continue reading ‘A Beach Boys-inspired Business’

Landshark Surf Contest and 3 hour tour

I’ve had enough of not paddling. This weekend was just hectic moving in to my new Northshore pad and cleaning things… always cleaning. I met up with my buddy Mark and we went for a long downwind standup paddle and surf tour. We started at Kaimana beach and ended up down at Fly’s. It was a marvelous way to spend three hours. Paddling, surfing, paddling and then surfing some more. Pretty small kine waves out today.. but enough to have fun. Caught some at every break we passed, but a couple to remember at Three’s, in-betweens and out Ewa side of Concessions. All in all a good way to get in some practice for the Landshark Surf Contest.

Ok.. so what is the Landshark? It is a surf contest this Saturday at Bowls for lawyers, spouses of lawyers and significant others of lawyers. That pretty much covers everyone right? I mean if you have ever hired a lawyer, then you really are their significant other. There is a Stand Up Paddle Surf division for men and women. Anyways I am posting the sign up form. It is due by Oct 10th. See you out there!

2007 Landshark Surf Contest Form

One Day in California

Not a SUP movie.. but a nice flick showcasing California longboarding.

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