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Duke’s OceanFest 2007

By Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman

With arms outspread in a gesture of welcome to all, the larger-than-life bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku on the shores of Waikiki Beach delineates where the pavement ends and the ocean that Duke loved so much, and mastered so well, begins. The annual Duke’s OceanFest celebration recently brought together surfers and surf enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the many forms of surfing that Duke loved to savor at Waikiki. If the “father of surfing” were still around, he would have been honored to see his beloved sport and all its offshoots being practiced and enjoyed by so many.

Stand Up Paddle Surfers make a stand in Glenwood Canyon

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. β€” Desiree Powell had never seen people surfing down the Colorado River.

Not kayaks or rafts or boogie boards. Surfboards.

Dave Parmenter stand up paddle surfs white water rapids in Colorado

She was at work, driving fish to Sylvan Lake for stocking when she spotted the four surfers somewhere not far east of the No Name tunnels. Continue reading ‘Stand Up Paddle Surfers make a stand in Glenwood Canyon’

Central California Leg of Tom Jones ‘California Paddle’ Environmental Awareness Campaign for our Oceans

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Central California Leg of Tom Jones ‘California Paddle’ Environmental Awareness Campaign for our Oceans

Story and Pics by Shawn Alladio and Ray Wolfgramm

Shawn Alladio joins Tom Jones as he passes Pillar Point, home of the big wave spot ‘Mavericks’.

On Saturday we had launched from Pillar Point out to the legendary Mavericks surf spot. This was Tom’s ‘California Paddle’ launch point for the Central California leg of his environmental awareness paddle.

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August 22, 2007
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Celebrating a Hawaiian Tradition at Duke’s OceanFest

HONOLULU – (August 22, 2007) – Half a century ago, Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, his many brothers, and a collective group of surfers who became known as the Waikiki Beachboys, gave rise to a sport that has today become a multi-billion dollar international industry. Prestige and money aside, what they really created was a tradition, handed down over the years, that has evolved into a complete waterman’s lifestyle. Today, there isn’t a soul who sets foot on Waikiki Beach who doesn’t snap a shot of the famous waters or venture further to try their own hand at the “sport of kings”. That tradition was celebrated today at Duke’s OceanFest, featuring the C4 Waterman/Honolua Surf Co. Stand-up Paddle Surfing Invitational.


Take a stand

By Paula Story

Looking to catch the next big wave in water sports? Try stand-up paddle surfing. With a big barge of a board and an extra-long paddle, you can get a full-body workout, cover lots of area and put an end to bad-wave days.

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Stand Up and Paddle

by Todd Bradley

“Bobby, you like talk story now?”

Bobby Achoy’s hand feels like a rusty steel mitt as I grip it in the classic Hawaiian handshake. The famous Waikiki beachboy has put more miles on his hands than any waterman I have ever met, whether wrapped around a canoe paddle or from greeting the countless tourists he has squired around the gentle rollers of Waikiki Beach. I have asked him if we could talk about the origins of ‘beachboy style’ or ’stand-up’ surfing and, nodding in agreement, we sit down on the lava rock wall in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue for my history lesson.

C4 Waterman team up with Tropicsurf


On a recent boat trip to a secluded corner of the Maldives world renowned watermen Brian Keaulana and Todd Bradley teamed up with Tropicsurf ’s Ross Phillips to experiment with the latest developments in ocean technology. Their goal was to brainstorm future plans for a series of waterman courses in Australia in 2008.

The Waterman Experience Weeks will be the very first of their kind open to the public and will commence early next year in Noosa, with the Maldives and Hawaii on the itinerary for late 2008. Designed for the regular surfer, the courses will focus on developing waterman skills and increasing overall ocean confidence so participants will not just be able to ride a wave, but really understand it. The program will be action packed with stand up paddle, tow-in, jet ski rescue, hydrofoil, underwater relaxation techniques, ocean swimming in challenging conditions and more.
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