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John Hibbard Makes It at 125 miles SUP in Devizes to Westminster Paddle Race

Here’s an updated post from John Hibbard after a successful SUP surfing (a first) at the recently concluded Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race in UK.


We made it! We took on the Devizes to Westminster Paddle Race and tamed it – 125 miles standing up. Here’s my story…
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Ekolu Kalama Test Riding His New Starboard 14′8″ The Point SUP Board

This is the video that Starboard’s Ekolu Kalama sent us when he got his new 14′8″ The Point which is especially designed for downwind paddling.

It’s fresh from the box and he tried it at Puena Point with the whole Kalama family. They’ve got “kona” (leeward) winds blowing bringing some swells straight into the harbor so they were able to have some downwind glides.

Catch Ekolu with his family in this video doing some downwinder.

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125 Mile by Stand Up Paddle Board


This weekend the famous Devizes to Westminster Paddle Race gets under way, but this year there are two notable stand outs from the crowd of kayakers and canoeists. John Hibbard and his training partner Anthony Cooper are set to make history as the first Stand Up Paddlers ever to enter the race.
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Meet C4 Waterman Ambassador Ryan Levinson


What sets C4 Waterman ambassador Ryan Levinson apart is not the fact that he has spent over a decade competing successfully in national and international level triathlons while still pursuing his passion for water-sports like surfing, bodysurfing, paddleboarding, SUPing, kiteboarding, free-diving, and sailing, it’s the fact that he does all this despite continuously loosing muscle. Ryan can no longer do a pushup, a sit up, or even raise his arms over his head but by modifying his technique and equipment he continues to charge forward excelling in the water and on land. As he puts it, “It was not my choice to have Muscular Dystrophy, but I do, and it is my choice how I respond. This is my life. Disabled or not, I choose to live it.” For more information visit
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Ekolu Kalama Waterview at Sunset Beach


I took this video last year with Ekolu Kalama in the water at Sunset Beach. When I shot this, we were facing away from the surf breaks and were safe in the channel. I asked Ekolu to give some tips on how to move from bigger waves to smaller waves and how to stay safe in the water. He shared his first experience with big waves at 25’ Hawaiian style, not knowing what to do, still trying to get his act together in the water. Luckily, for him the water was not crowded which gave him the chance to experiment on his moves.
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Starboard Welcomes Anne Marie Reichman to SUP Dream Team


You have probably read about her in Stand Up Journal, or perhaps in a windsurfing magazine. Or seen her in a ROXY campaign. The all-time water-woman/Dutch Champion/PWA competitor Anne Marie Reichman is now part of Starboard SUP Dream Team.
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Candice Appleby with Her New Tropical Blends Pro-Model Prototype SUP Board – Video


Tropical Blends’ Team rider, Candice Appleby gives us a glimpse of her new proto-type high performance model by shaper, Shane Reuber. Candice shows us the stage 1 of the shaping process with this video clip that she personally took.
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Ekolu Kalama SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfs in Huge Puerto Escondido Barrels

Ekolu Kalama sent over this video he just made from some sick footage of him SUP surfing in huge Puetro Escondido waves. The barrels are huge and they don’t call Puerto Escondido the Mexican Pipeline for nothing. Ekolu is definitely living life to the fullest.

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Meet Zane Schweitzer, Starboard Team Rider from Maui


Zane Schweitzer 15 years old, Born and raised on the West side of Maui. Attends 9th grade at Maui Preparatory Academy High School.

Sponsors: Starboard, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Ion Wetsuits, Genr8, North Sails, Quicksilver Boardriders Club and SurfCo Hawaii.
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SUP at the Devizes to Westminster Canoe and Kayak Race

Here’s an update from Starboard Team Rider, John Hibbard, all the way from UK.


After winning the UK Distance title in 2008 I started thinking about some longer distance paddling. Most of our races were between 4-8 miles. I quite fancied trying to do some much longer paddles. Then one day while doing a bit of internet research I came across the Devizes to Westminster Canoe and Kayak race. This is the world’s longest race for canoes. 125 miles in total spread across 4 days. This looked like just the ticket. In fact it was a fair bit longer than I was actually thinking of, but it would be an amazing challenge.
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