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Cold Weather Stand Up Paddling


The Ice Man cometh….

By Mark Colino

If you live where temperatures go below freezing in the winter, you have 3 choices when it comes to flat water paddling; #1 Don’t ( Not acceptable if you’re truly hooked). #2 Buy a plane ticket to somewhere warm. #3 Dress appropriately and go!
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Starboard Maui Downwinder Video

This was sent to us via email by Karen Baxter.

Aloha All –

This is a great youtube video of Connor and Bart. The Original DVD is about 20 minutes, put together for Starboard Advertising & Promotions.

Bill Boyum – Videographer
Keith Baxter – Jet Ski Driver
Connor Baxter – Starboard Team Rider
Bart de Zwart – Starboard Team Rider
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SIC Maliko Run – Why We Love Downwind

Bill posted this video of the SIC crew at Maliko. When people ask why we love downwind paddling, just show them this video.

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My First Downwinder on Kamanu Composites Pueo OC-1


Ok…I broke down and had to give it a try. Randy Strome and Kainoa Beaupre, this is your fault! After a number of hard core stand up paddlers started training on OC-1 (one man canoes) I had to give it a shot. Since 80% of the guys I know paddling OC-1 ride the Kamanu Composites Pueo, I borrowed a friend’s canoe and paddled in a 6.7 mile triangle to start. I started at Kaimana Beach and paddled upwind (15 mph wind) to the Diamond Head buoy and then downwind/sidewind to the Ala Wai buoy and then back upwind to Kaimana. The route is normally 6 miles or so but since I was going crooked and zig zagging a lot it turned out to be 6.7 miles. My time was 1:15…not fast but not bad for my first time. Continue reading ‘My First Downwinder on Kamanu Composites Pueo OC-1′

I Joined a 6 Man Paddling Team


I’ve heard Dave Kalama, Ekolu Kalama, Todd Bradley and numerous other top paddlers say to join a 6 man canoe team if you want to get better. The clincher for me was when Doug Lock who is already a fast SUP, OC-1 and paddleboarder said he was joining a beginners crew for 6 man paddling. I just joined the same team. Here are my thoughts so far.
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Kihei Maui Downwinder – February 2010


I’d like to give a big “THANK YOU!” to the crew in Maui for letting me tag along with them for a couple downwinders. Mark Raaphorst, Randy Strome, Jack Dyson, Livio Menelau, Chris and Donna. Also, thanks to Pono Bill for letting me use his leash. Coming from Oahu, I thought we were spoiled (and we are) with great surf and trade winds. I was blown away by how awesome Maui is for downwinders.
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SUP Surfing Session with Jason Kauhane and Lance K at Tonggs


Here’s a short video of a SUP surfing session I had with Jason Kauhane and Lance K at Tonggs. Check out Lance ripping on his 7′2″ Starboard. I got to try it out and it was very challenging. When I tested it I was 210 lbs but surprisingly, I was able to stand on it and paddle around. For a smaller, more agile rider, this board may be just what they’re looking for.
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SUP at Puena Point with Kekoa


This is a session that I went to a while back with Kekoa at Puena Point. It’s supposed to be huge, about 12’-18’ Hawaiian scale but then it turned out to be 3’-5’ Hawaiian scale. I guess it picked up that afternoon but at that time that we were there, the conditions were really nice: no winds, glassy water but the waves were a little smaller. So I ended up taking pictures and video shots of Kekoa while he was surfing. Check out this video that I got.
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Buddy SUP Surfing at Ala Moana


I decided to take my son at Ala Moana Beach Park to just paddle around and get outdoors because I was indoor most of the day getting work done. I need to get out as I was getting cramped up feeling indoors.
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Diamond Head Surf Session with Kekoa

Here’s some clips of my friend Kekoa surfing Diamond Head. It’s from a while back but I figured I’d just post it anyway.

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New Video of 6 Foot SUP

Kainoa Beaupre sent over this video of him on his little mini SUP. At 200 lbs, I’d probably sink it to the ocean floor but Kainoa’s about the size of my 6 year old so it floats him just fine…just kidding. Check out the video.

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Downwind SUP Run and Tips from Ekolu Kalama


A few weeks ago I got a chance to join some of the fastest downwind paddlers on a practice run before the Duke’s Oceanfest Race.  The plan was to shoot some video tips from each of them but my Sanyo Xacti E2 died a few minutes into it.  Here’s what I was able to get from Ekolu before the camera died. Continue reading ‘Downwind SUP Run and Tips from Ekolu Kalama’

SUP Downwinder – Hennessey 2007

I was browsing and found this short video from the Hennessey 2007 Maliko race. Now that I’m into downwind racing, it’s really interesting to see how these guys are catching bumps. If you watch the SUP portion around 2 minutes into the video, you’ll see Dave and Ekolu Kalama almost not even paddling and getting really long glides. It’s definitely something to strive for and the Maliko conditions look super fun. Check out the video.

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S.I.C. F-Series Video

Here’s a new video I found on You Tube for Sandwich Island Composites F-Series boards. I think this was taken during their recent Molokai trip. This is a great video showing brief clips of each board.

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Himalayas and Polluted Water


I took the video and these pictures last New Year’s eve on the North Shore after heavy rainfall. You’ll notice from the pictures here how gross the water looks. Continue reading ‘Himalayas and Polluted Water’