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New Years Eve 2011 in Waikiki


The last day of 2011 brought us perfect weather for a beach day with the family. Here are some pictures I took from December 31, 2011 in Waikiki. What a great way to bring in the New Year.
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My Friend Kekoa Surfing at Leftovers on a Blair Surfboard


Here is a quick video of my friend Kekoa Mau surfing at Leftovers, North Shore Oahu on a custom Joe Blair surfboard. He’s over 200 lbs so this is a good example of how Blair’s boards work in overhead surf for big guys. I also got video of a few other surfers out there. See below.
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Ed Wheeler – SUP Surfing Ambassador


If you follow the SUP race scene here in Hawaii, there’s a guy that is a fixture at most of the races. His name is Ed Wheeler and he’s an all around nice guy. Ed and I were at the North Shore Paddle Challenge at Turtle Bay Resort in October 2011. I was fighting bronchitis/walking pneumonia so I was limited to taking photos and Ed just got back from a Tahiti trip and was taking it easy. The waves were good so in between the surf heats, he went surfing with Robert Stehlik and I got these shots. I also included a few from the Duke’s OceanFest in August.
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Surfing the S.I.C. Bullet 12′ SUP Race Board


Here’s a short video of Mark Raaphorst and young Mo Freitas riding the S.I.C. Bullet 12′ SUP race board on some waist to chest high waves at Turtle Bay North Shore Oahu. The second clip with Mo in the video shows him catching the wave on the outside break and riding it all the way to shore. Check the time on the video and see how long he rides…pretty impressive. You can see in the video how easy the Bullet 12 catches waves and how well it can surf in the pictures below.
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Zane and Shelby Schweitzer Tandem SUP Surfing on Starboard Surf Race Board


I shot this sequence between race heats at the North Shore Challenge in October 2011 of Zane Schweitzer and his sister Shelby tandem SUP surfing on Zane’s Starboard Surf Race. I give Zane a lot of credit. He didn’t rest between race heats. He was surfing because the waves were pretty good. I didn’t know it was his sister at first but that makes this sequence even better. If anyone is worrying about the stability of Starboard race boards, this should ease your mind.
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A Morning Session on Blue Planet Surf’s 9′8″ x 29″ ‘Rockit’ SUP Board

Here’s a video sent to us by Robert Stehlik. This was shot during a morning SUP surfing session. The board is from Blue Planet’s new stand up paddle board lineup.

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Robert Stehlik Surfing the Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP Board


Blue Planet Surf just launched a signature line of SUP and surfboards. Here’s a few shots of Robert Stehlik SUP surfing the new Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP stand up paddle board at Turtle Bay. Waves that day were shoulder to overhead and it was fairly windy. The 10′6″ looked pretty stable and judging from Robert’s surfing, it turns pretty well for a wide board. I think most of these were sold already so check with Blue Planet to see when the next shipment arrives.
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The C4 Waterman SUPZILLA


C4 brought out their Supzilla in full force at the Duke’s Oceanfest here in Honolulu earlier this year. Here’s a video of the C4 Waterman crew as they try to set the record for most stand up paddlers on a wave. This was taken during the 2011 Duke’s OceanFest.
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Starboard SUP Surfing the Sternwheeler

Dan Gavere surfs the wake of a sternwheeler traveling thru the Columbia Gorge in Oregon/Washington on a Starboard Big EZ and the 2012 prototype Ace 14′x25″. This goes to show you can find waves in very unique places.

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The Boys Start Surfing – Finally!


These are some videos of my boys and friends surfing at Baby Queens here on Oahu, Hawaii. Why is this important to me? Well, if you’ve been coming to this site over the past years, you’ll notice that there were videos of me and my oldest son at 4 or 5 years old doing the SUP thing and then there was nothing between then and now. That’s because my boys refused to go surfing with me until early August 2011. My oldest boy is now 8.5 years old and #2 is 6 years old. It’s been a long time coming. In fact, I was wondering if they would ever want to go surfing or just make me land locked while they play baseball and soccer.
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C4 Battle of the Paddle Secret Training Day Part 2


Here are some more videos that I took at C4 Waterman’s “secret training day“.
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Interview with C4 Waterman Ambassador Travis Grant


Here’s an interview I did with the winner of the 2011 Battle of the Paddle elite race, Travis Grant. This video was taken a few days before the BOP at C4 Waterman’s “secret traning day“.
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Downwind Clinic video – with Nicole Madosik, Jared Vargas, Morgan Hoesterey, Kainoa Beaupre


Here are some great downwind paddling videos that Robert Stehlik posted on his Zen Waterman blog. These were taken during the last Blue Planet SUP clinic held a week before the 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii. Check it out at the link below:

C4 Battle of the Paddle Secret Training Day


Last week I got an email from Liam over at C4 HQ asking if I was interested in joining them at a ’secret’ location for their 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii (BOP) team rider training session. Of course I said I was interested and had a great time with the C4 team. I got a little lost at first, had to hike through bushes, fell in some mud but eventually I got to the secluded area where they had setup a mini BOP race course.
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Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing on Maui Nui

Here’s a video of Zane Schweitzer having an awesome stand up paddle surfing session on Maui Nui. The clip was sent to us by Pure Digital Maui, thanks guys.

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