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I recently got my hands on some Surf Nano Product Board Enhancer and decided to try it out. Garry, the Jimmy Lewis distributor said I had to try it and that it was working great for riders in the mainland. The Surf Nano is a ‘Board Enhancer’ kit which comes with a bottle of ‘Board Cleaner’, a bottle of ‘Board Enhancer’, an applicator pad, microfiber finishing towel and usage instructions.

At first, I thought it was going to be a pain to apply since the enhancer needs to cure for an hour. Fortunately, I was wrong. The application process is pretty easy. Here’s the steps.

First you clean the bottom of your board with the ‘Board Cleaner’. Wipe off then let dry for a few minutes then apply the ‘Board Enhancer’ using the applicator pad and let dry for 1 hour. After that just wipe off and you’re good to go. The first time I did it, I only let it dry for 20 minutes or so because I got anxious and wanted to see how it worked. The second time, I let it dry for over an hour and most of it seemed to get absorbed by the board. There wasn’t much left to wipe off.

Note: Make sure you apply this in a ventilated area or outdoors because there is a strong smell from the product.

Check out this video where I use the Surf Nano products on the S.I.C. F-16 V2:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

I also tried out the SNP on my C4 Sub Vector 10′ and 9′6″. I didn’t do any scientific speed tests so I just have to give my opinion based on my feel. It felt like it worked best on the C4 Sub Vector. I’m not sure why, but it felt like it made the board more ’slippery’. I put it on my F-16 v2 but I didn’t have any previous runs to compare it to. I like the fact that it makes the board easier to clean off but I think there needs to be A/B type testing to get more accurate results. The SNP team sent over some tests they did in a more controlled environment so maybe they can chime in the comment area.

Just for fun, I used the SNP on my sunglasses and it works really well in repelling water. It actually works much better than RainX. I’ll definitely keep using it on my sunglasses. This may also be a good solution for guys who fish a lot for their sunglasses. I also used it on my paddle but it’s hard to tell the impact on a paddle.

surf-nano-products-4 Testing the Surf Nano Products on the S.I.C. F-16 V2

surf-nano-products-5 The board bottom is now clean and shiny after using the cleaner and applying the “Board Enhancer”

surf-nano-products-8 Water beads up and slides off the board

I know there are some guys that swear by this stuff so maybe we can get more insight in the comment area. If you have experience with SNP, please comment.

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10 Responses to “Surf Nano Products Board Enhancer – Review”

  1. Pureadrenalin 1Pureadrenalin

    My question is does it remove light paddle scuff like on the rail and light scratches from handling? I use a different product right now but this looks easier and looks like it beads really nice. Does the board feel slippery to touch after the application? How long does those little bottles last? You know downwinder/race SUB’s will consume that in a flash. Cost?

  2. Nerd 2Nerd

    Heres a scientific explanation on the effects of “liquid speed”:

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    PA – I think if the scuff is on the surface and especially scuffs from tape, paddles, etc, the cleaner works really well…kinda like ‘goof off’. The board feels really slippery just after the application. It’s supposed to last 6 months but I haven’t used it that long yet. One bottle can do about 30 feet of board if you use it moderately or less if you put on a lot. I need to check on the cost.

  4. Fred Hyun 4Fred Hyun

    Thanks Evan, that was good information. Will consider buying to test out. Mahalo, Fred

  5. Tom Warnke 5Tom Warnke

    Hi Evan, Thanks for the review. Here are some responses to the questions posted so far. I’ve got over 100 hours research and six months of practical experience with SNP. I will give generic and unbiased answers. Most of my research was completed before I signed on as sales and marketing manager for SNP, and because I’ve been a Surfrider Foundation volunteer administrator for the past 14 years. I wanted to be sure there would be no dangers to humans or the environment.

    Generic info and no hype was our method when I helped launch Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. I was with that company for 18 years. Optical technology is all about nanometers Learning about nanotechnology took time, but was no big leap.

    Step 1: Scuffs need a different product. SNP enhances speed, but the cleaner supplied with it is a mild soap cleaner to help remove oil, dirt, etc. So if you have a used board, please take extra time to clean it of wax, paint, sticker glue etc., before using the SNP cleaner.

    Step 2: The smell of the “enhancer” is the alcohol carrier. (It’s the same as moonshine = ethanol.) Spray some on the sponge and wipe it on the board, rails and fins. Once it evaporates during the cure process the smell is gone. Then just buff the surface(Step 3)and you’re ready to race.

    Before the alcohol evaporates off the board’s surface the board is still wet with alcohol, so it will feel slippery. But after it dries and is buffed out, the feel is hard to describe. It almost feels like satin, but very dry. And it feels much smoother than any stock gloss finish. After buffing, if any haze is left on the board from the alcohol, use a little water on the cloth to buff it clean.

    The SNP ceramic particles lock to the board at the molecular level and eliminate the pores, so it cannot be removed without abrasion. Abrasion like beach sand or sliding the board in and out of a board bag for many months, etc.

    Durability: Six months is an estimate, but it can last much longer, even on a windshield. It does not flake or become soluble, because it becomes part of the epoxy, polyester or glass once applied. It is 300 times thinner than a human hair. Ding repair is not affected.
    Anything else, like wax, auto polish, teflon or silicone is very thick and gunky compared to SNP, and does not last. $8.00 worth of SNP at retail will do a 12′6″ SUP, so with the basic kit you can do 3 or 4 SUP boards.

    This week we received more “thumbs up” test results from Darrick Doerner, Dean Randazzo, Peter Mendia, Gary Wise, Dan Gavere, Packet Casey (he’s the Jimmy Lewis SUP champ in Florida)and Helga Geoble (she wins most SUP races against men). SUP time-trial testing using a very clean high-gloss finished board showed a 5 percent improvement in speed, or an 800′ advantage in a 3 mile race. Starboard is now testing SNP head to head with comp-sanded windsurf race boards.

    If anyone can help with stopwatch times, before and after SNP is applied, that will help substantiate the testing already done. Time it between bouys on a straight line, in flat, non-tidal conditions. We already know that rounding a bouy is quicker.

    Oh, and testing in 40′ Jaws on Maui shows no speed wobble or squirreliness.
    Tom Warnke

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    Thanks Tom. I hope to get more feedback from some of the other riders testing out SNP.

  7. CapitanoGUC 7CapitanoGUC

    [..YouTube..] and what is it good for on a surf board ???? does it make you faster ????

  8. Tom Warnke 8Tom Warnke

    Capitano – Yes, it adds speed to your board, by sealing the pores that catch water.
    Any questions, give me a call at 561-236-0155 (Eastern Savings Time)

  9. jcruzr 9jcruzr

    what is a good product or remedy to remove/repair scratches and scuffs from the sides of SUPs?


  10. Denno 10Denno

    hey Tom, thanks for the info – SNP is a go. very cool app of this technology. I’ve read speed times have significantly increased with it. I read somewhere a guy dropped his time from 41 min on a 3 mile paddle to 39 min. sweet. my question is, I was wondering what relationship the SNP surface change is, to the effect of the speed suits swimmers wear. I’m pretty sure its different as the SNP acts on the “molecular” level, as the speed suits are more the surface mechanics on a larger level – more like the dimples on a golf ball. hydro-science 101 anybody? cool to have some tests done…

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