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Georges Cronsteadt Finishes 3rd in Race at The Ultimate Waterman

01-image-jim-culley1 Photo: Jim Culley

A huge congrats goes to our Global Team Rider Georges Cronsteadt for finishing on podium in 3rd place in the race discipline at The Ultimate Waterman. The race, and entire event for that matter, has had the most fierce and all-around amazing waterman competing against each other for the inaugural title of “The Ultimate Waterman.”
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Trio of stand up paddleboarders from Southport selected to represent a leading watersports brand

By Georgina Stubbs, Southport Visiter

01-11012220_982431841796338_891636447_n Alan Taylor

Three stand up paddleboarders from Southport have been selected to represent a leading watersports brand.

Co-founders of resort-based SUP North, Alan Taylor, Lucy Pearce and Simon Dunton, are the latest members to join the Starboard SUP 2015 team.
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On the Road with Team SIC Maui


The SIC Maui team has been on the road for the last couple of weeks down in the southern hemi. The crew has been to New Caledonia, Tahiti, Australia and will continue to travel around in that area for the next week or so. Livio Menelau, SIC Global Team rider is a part of the crew that is on the road where he gives us an update of what has been going on. Here is what he had to say:
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The Tahitian Beast Joins Ultimate Waterman Line-Up

By: Allie Brown


It was announced earlier last week that our very own Tahitian Beast, Georges Cronsteadt, is the final athlete to join the list of incredible athletes who will partake in the Ultimate Waterman event in mid-March.
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Georges Cronsteadt Wins In New Zealand

By: Allie Brown


SIC Maui Global Team Rider Georges Cronsteadt dominated over the weekend with a win in Auckland, New Zealand at the Jett City Surf Series event #10. With close to 50 participants, Georges was able to come in on top over the rest of the field.
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Kenny Kaneko | Winter Paddling

By: Allie Brown


Don’t let winter and cold weather get you down…

Follow the lead of Global Team rider Kenny Kaneko as he paddles into below freezing weather! Suit up properly and it shouldn’t be too cold at all!
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Will Schmidt Releases Trailer of Upcoming Documentary

By: Allie Brown


Earlier in 2014, Will Schmidt set a world record and was the first person to standup paddle largely unassisted from Canada all the way down to Mexico on his standup paddle board. As you can imagine, this journey was an incredible accomplishment for Will as well as a trying time while attempting to overcome mental breakdowns and physical exhaustion. Will’s journey lasted a total of 61 days, 58 of which he was paddling.
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Lina Augaitis Paddles Lake Mead

By: Allie Brown


If you haven’t paddled Lake Mead yet you don’t know what you are missing!! SIC Global team rider and BOP distance champion Lina Augitias on her X 14 PRO Lite on a flat water glide…
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Fiona Wylde and Starboard


As my water sport career takes flight from a little girls’ dream into a profession, I could not be more excited to have a supporter like Starboard at my back with solid boards under my feet! 2015 presents new opportunities and new goals for me in all my sports; SUP Racing, SUP Surfing and Windsurfing, and I am so thrilled to be part of the Starboard International Team! Here’s to the good times, the hard work, and the travel of this next season. See you on the water!

~Fiona Wylde
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SIC Maui’s Sonni Honscheid Featured in SUP Examiner

By: Allie Brown


Sonni Honscheid just had an awesome write-up about her featured on SUP Examiner. Check it out!

Here are some highlights of the feature:
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Paris Story


By Dan Gavere

Have you ever thought about going to Europe to paddle in the winter? No?

I didn’t either, but my girlfriend, Harmony, is another story. Harmony has never been to Europe, and it has been her dream for years, so when she read about the Nautic Race (also known as the Paris Crossing) that was happening on her birthday in the first week of December; well, to say she was excited is a major understatement. She did not delay and booked tickets faster than I could finish my morning espresso. It was done. We were going to Europe, and although I was born in Spain, I’d never been to Paris, and love the thought of seeing and paddling in new places, but in the cold?

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Annabel Anderson – Seasons of Change


Seasons of Change

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.”
- Lao Tzu

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Starboard’s Beau O’Brian Wins King of the Cut on the ACE.


Congratulations Beau O’Brian for winning his second event in 7 days. Beau recent won the Doctor Race in Perth, then turned around the next week to dominate the King of the Cut.

Beau gives us a recap of the event here:
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Starboard’s Beau O’Brian Wins the Doctor!


A long time coming, but all the training paid off! Congratulations to Beau O’Brian for winning the Doctor Race in Australia over the weekend. Beau was able to narrowly out paddle Travis Grant for the win.

Beau provides us with his account of the event below… we look forward to the next event King of the Cut in Australia this weekend Dec 5,6, 7. Should be another great match up!
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Starboard’s Finn Mullen Wins Circle One East Strand!


With the Causeway Coast Surf club hosting the last contest of the season, the luck of good conditions for competitions in 2014 continued and the renowned beach of East ‘the Beast’ strand on the beautiful North Coast of Portrush, Northern Ireland turned on for a classic contest of good vibes and fun waves. Finn Mullen took the win followed by a stoked Owen Waters in second and Tony Doherty in third who consistently picked off the set waves with his local knowledge. Continue reading ‘Starboard’s Finn Mullen Wins Circle One East Strand!’