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Todd Bradley on “Getting on Board” at PaddleSports Business Mag

Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman sent this feature article from PaddleSports Business Magazine.


Standup paddling has taken parts of the country by storm, spurred by better equipment and high-profile practitioners, from pro surfers like Liard Hamilton to such buzz-generating starlets as Jennifer Aniston. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great workout and just plain fun. PSB consulted two major industry players for the lowdown on the sport’s history and direction-particularly in the Midwest, where it has yet to fully catch on. Bill Kueper, 42, vice president of Minnesota-based Wenonah Canoe & Current Designs Kayaks, provides voice for this next frontier, one rooted in the ’sit-down’ traditions of recreational river running and lake paddling, while Todd Bradley, 50, the co-founder of Hawaii’s C4 Waterman, has spent 25 years standup paddling and surfing at ground zero for the sport’s development.- Jeff Kinney

To view the actual article download getting-on-board-paddlesports-business

Touched by a Whale…Almost…

This week is looking to be great for downwind runs. East winds are 10-20 mph+ all week and there’s an east swell. I got a chance to do a downwind run this morning in great conditions. I was trucking along and focused on catching bumps when about 20 minutes into the run I heard a super loud blowing sound just to my right. Let me preface that when I get into ‘the zone’ I tune out everything except trying to catch bumps. There can be a boat on my side and I may not even notice it. The sound I heard was loud, close and scared the daylights out of me although it paled in comparison to what made the sound. Continue reading ‘Touched by a Whale…Almost…’

Downwinders, Weight Loss and HIIT

When I started SUP surfing I ended up actually gaining weight. I went from 210 or so to about 218 lbs. My reasoning for that was that I was eating everything in sight and I sat down a lot during my sessions.  I also thought that since I was exercising, I could eat whatever I wanted.

Once I started doing downwinders I dropped 20 lbs in a very short period of time…I think a couple months or so. Along with the fact that downwinders are now super fun (after I figured it out) it’s also an incredible way to burn fat and lose weight.  I weighed myself yesterday and I was 193 lbs.  That’s 25 lbs less than I was last year before I started doing downwinders. Continue reading ‘Downwinders, Weight Loss and HIIT’

C4’s Greg Pavao Ripping Out with His New 9′8″ Sub-Vector at Makaha


Todd B sent this over from photographer Dana Edmunds. Dana was at Makaha shooting for a Maui Jim ad and could not resist to shoot some shots of C4 Waterman Ambassador, Greg Pavao ripping out in the lineup on his new custom 9′8″ Sub-Vector.
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Noah Shimabukuro Pics from 2008 SUP Contest in Puerto Escondido Mexico


A couple of days ago, Duke sent us these photos of professional surfer, Noah Shimabukuro in action at the Central Surf SUP Contest in Puerto Escondido Mexico. Riding a Takayama 10’3” Tuflite from Surftech, Noah bagged the grand prize in the first Central Surf SUP contest besting other contenders from Mexico, California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I know these pics were circulated a while back but they are still impressive.
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It’s a Girl – Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong

No SUP for me today. Where was I? Having a baby. Welcome Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong, born today at 2:37 pm and weighing in at 7.1 lbs.

 kyndra_lyn_setsuko_leong                         Meet my Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong


 kyndra_lyn_setsuko_leong                Daddy’s girl

Top Menu Change – Any Suggestions?

After some discussion, we made some changes on the navigation menu of the site to hopefully make things easier to find. We just changed the order of the top menu links and nothing was deleted. Please send us comments or suggestions on what you think. Aloha.

Interview with Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström Part 2


This is the 2nd installment of my interview with Starboard’s Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström at the Starboard HQ. Svein showed me an 8½’ X 30″ Sport Tech board used by Ekolu Kalama using wood technology. You can see the pine wood portions of the board’s outer shell which adds rigidity and lightness to the board. Also with us here is Margareta, who’s a professional windsurfer and gets to stand up paddle whenever she can. She also shared her thoughts on the differences between windsurfing as opposed to SUP.
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Christmas Spirit and a Big Mahalo (Thanks) to Herbie Titcomb

What an exciting year for SUP stand up paddling.  I just wanted to wish everyone a very Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year).  The Christmas spirit is definitely here.

My brother and I did a short downwinder this morning and were blessed with great wind.  When we were done we loaded the boards on his car.  At that point we realized that I forgot to put straps in his car and just as we were wondering what we should do, Herbie Titcomb pulled up in his yellow VW Bug on his way out of Kaimana Beach and stopped to talk story with us.  Once he realized we had no straps he let us borrow his.  What a cool guy and what a cool sport that brings us all together.

Thanks Herbie!  You saved us today.

My Visit to Starboard Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand

My Visit to Starboard Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand

I had the best time visiting Svein Rasmussen and crew at the Starboard Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. I was able to shoot a number of pictures and video and this is the first installment of my visit. In October, I had to go to the Philippines to handle some work meetings and another project that I’m working on but on the weekend I didn’t have anything planned. I ended up getting in touch with the Starboard crew and Svein, who owns Starboard and we started tossing around the idea of maybe flying over Thailand during the weekend. That’s what I ended up doing. Actually I was kinda scared a bit because after I already bought my tickets and was ready to go, a friend of mine who had just joined the U.S. National Guard told me that this is the most dangerous time for American tourists to travel to Thailand.
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Update – My First SUP Experience in the Kaiwi Channel

Tommy Chorman from Freedom Riding Co. made this video of the SUP session in the Kaiwi Channel from a while back. I’m in the yellow long sleeve shirt and red hat and on the green F-15 SUP. Kainoa is also on the green F-15 and has no shirt. I think he may be allergic to shirts because I never see him wear one. Just kidding “Hammer”. He also told me to stop calling him “Hammer”. Continue reading ‘Update – My First SUP Experience in the Kaiwi Channel’

Wet Feet Hawaii Party

Wet Feet Hawaii Party

Wet Feet Hawaii had a fun party to celebrate their expansion for their store…more proof that stand up is here to stay.  I’m not sure if it’s double the size but they took over the space next door and did a pretty quick build out.
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Killer Shark Devours Turtle in Hawaii Kai Waters

Killer Shark Devours Turtle in Hawaii Kai Waters

I got an email from my friend Marshall Wells tonight with these pics and a question.

“Is this why they call the surf break ‘Turtles’?”
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Beware of the Reef

My friend Erik Berglihn from Starboard sent me this picture from a previous trip to Pattaya, Thailand to windsurf and SUP. He stepped on coral and I think a sea urchin and had to go to a Thailand hospital which is a whole story in itself. Check out the meds needed to make sure he didn’t get an infection.


Five Finger Bootie by Vibram

Five Finger Bootie by Vibram

I changed in my Xcel booties a while back for these 5 finger ones by Vibram.  I did it because the sole is thicker and gives more protection against sea urchins and sharp rocks.  The razor cuts in the sole also give excellent grip.  Now that I’m used to the 5 toe feeling, other booties feels uncomfortable.  They feel like putting a sock on your hand versus a glove.  Continue reading ‘Five Finger Bootie by Vibram’