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Urchin Toe

Urchin Toe

I’d almost rather get cut on the reef and get reef rash than have ‘Wana’ sea urchin stingers in my foot.  I was surfing out at Kaiser’s a while back although I never go there normally.  I went to meet a friend staying at the Hilton to let him try my stand up board but it was windy and choppy and he got frustrated.  Since I was there, I decided to go surf at Kaiser’s.   Continue reading ‘Urchin Toe’

SUP in Thailand Floating Market

SUP in Thailand Floating Market

This was sent in by Erik who works with Starboard. I got a chance to spend some time with him on a recent trip to Thailand and have to say that he is a great guy. Very humble and gracious. I was supposed to go with them on this journey but ran out of time. Looks like I missed out. Here’s what he had to say on what looked like an awesome SUP session in Thailand.

I have been visiting Bangkok for about 3 weeks now, and together with locals I have explored the city and the surrounding areas. Back home in Norway, i just started SUP this summer and every time I went out in the ocean, boats approached and wanted to “save” me.
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No Excuses

Tommy Chorman from sent this to me and I had to post it up. After watching this I know that I have no excuses not to get out in the water.

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Thoughts on Downwind SUP Stand Up Boards

I think that a quiver of downwind boards is going to be preferable…at least for me and my lack of endurance and paddling skills. I just finished the Coast Guard race this morning which was basically just paddling. There was no wind except for maybe 2 gusts I felt but still under 10 mph. I caught a couple good runners but that was about it for me. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on Downwind SUP Stand Up Boards’

Keep Town Town

I know we’ve all see the “Keep Country Country” bumper stickers. I just saw this the other day on a car and had to take a picture of it and post it.


Better than SUP Surfing

Better than SUP Surfing

I think the best thing about my SUP is that I can share it with my family. I was at Kaimana Beach with my family and doing my best to get my oldest boy on my Blair stand up board. He paddled a bit and I also pushed him into small shore break waves. After that we ended up just hanging out, father and son on the board when I noticed someone taking some pictures of us.
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Dylan and Morgan Stand Up Paddling at Puena Point

Dylan and Morgan at Puena Point

Here’s a video of my cousin Dylan and his girlfriend Morgan trying out stand up paddle surfing for the first time at Puena Point. This is a while ago. I think this is the first time that Morgan has been on a surfboard. She’s from the ‘mainland’.

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Kid Spinning over 180 Degrees on a Stand Up Board

Check out this cool video of a kid doing spins on a stand up board. It looks like he’s just gliding. For me it takes a lot more momentum. lol

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2008 Haleiwa Joe’s Paddleboard Race

2008 Haleiwa Joe’s Paddleboard Race


Haleiwa Joe’s Race
Sun, Aug 31, 2008
Distance (m):
Waimea to Haleiwa
Start Time:
11:00 AM

WOMAN TAKES DOWN SEA OF MEN IN PRO STAND-UP PADDLE EVENT Candice Appleby Wins C4 Waterman/Honolua Surf Co Pro & Women’s

beach instructional
Presented by Blue Planet
Part of the Annual Duke’s OceanFest, Waikiki, Hawaii

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2008 Honolua Surf Co. & C4 Waterman present Hawaii Paddleboard Championship-Duke’s Race Update

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the Duke’s race on Saturday.  Here’s the info I got:

Beach Entries are ok.  Show up at 9 am with your form and check for $40 written to “Hawaii Paddleboard Championship”.  There is no beach entry penalty or late fee.  Registration table will be at Koko Head side of Maunalua Bay (Maunalua Bay Bath House) near the restrooms.

The orientation/briefing will start around 10:45 am and race begins at 11 am.

The race starts in the water at Maunalua Bay and racers need to go around the last green channel marker buoy (blinkey I think it’s called) and one more around Queen Surf (NOT Diamond Head Buoy) and then the finish line is at the Duke Statue.  I saw something earlier that said it ended at Duke’s Restaurant but it’s Duke Statue.  After that you’ll get your swag stuff and lunch.

They are still figuring out the final divisions for the SUP divisions although all boards are welcome.  I heard rumors yesterday about a 14′ limit but today I was told that there will be a 14′+ unlimited class.  I was told there are over 100 entrants so far for paddleboards and SUPS and over 30 SUPs already entered.

Here’s the race organizer’s info:

Carl Kim

Any other info please post in the comments.

Brian Keaulana and Bonga Perkins Spin Challenge

Cool video of Bonga Perkins and Brian Keaulana doing a spin challenge and having fun. Brian’s been practicing and uses a non-traditional method. It was pretty amusing to watch.

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Need Some Motivation?

I was debating whether to exercise the other day because I was tired and out of the blue a friend of mine showed me these videos. After watching these videos I can definitely see the true meaning of motivated. It would be pretty awesome to see what they can do with some stand up boards.

Here’s the background on Team Hoyt:

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Downwind Insight 8-5-08

I was waiting for the south swell that didn’t show up today.  Since I’ve been having fun doing downwinders and making decent improvements my new personal rule of thumb is that if the waves are less than chest high and the wind is 10 mph+ then I’ll do my best to go on a downwinder.  It’s more stimulating for me.  The wind started blazing today in the morning so I got together my buddy Luis who rode a Joe Bark lie down paddle board demo from Surftech and Kainoa Beaupre who rode the 14′ yellow Ted Spencer that I kept falling off of a few weeks back.  Incidentally, Kainoa paddled that board in the Molokai race (unofficially bc he missed the application deadline) under 7 hours.  That goes to show how it’s the rider more than the board (although the board definitely makes a difference). Continue reading ‘Downwind Insight 8-5-08′

Spring Break

Spring Break 2008

I’m pretty late on a lot of posts and this is no exception. Spring break in March was a blast. We got in a week in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. Joe Blair was on island at the same time.

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