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Na Kama Kai with Cub Scouts


My son’s cub scout troupe wanted to do a beach day so I reserved a spot at the Waikiki Na Kama Kai Clinic. They enjoyed sanding wooden surfboards, learning history and culture, tandem surfing and canoe paddling. This is the best way to get your kids comfortable in the ocean. Duane and his crew do an awesome job. Even though the clinic was only a couple hours, we stayed at the beach until night time.   Continue reading ‘Na Kama Kai with Cub Scouts’

Backwash Surfing Oahu’s South Shore


In early July, the tide was really high on the south shore and created some interesting shore break. Check out how this breaks when it hits the wall and creates a backwash wave that can be surfed. Continue reading ‘Backwash Surfing Oahu’s South Shore’

2nd Annual StandUp RoundUp Flatwater Festival Promises A Knockout

StandUp RoundUp

Winner-take-all $1000 purse sure to generate excitement.

Encinitas, ca (April 7, 2010) – If you’ve ever wanted to try the fastest growing water sport in the world, Standup Paddling (sup), now is your chance. A free, open-to-the-public, flat-water festival known as the Standup Roundup will take place on Sunday May 23, 2010 at Mission Bay’s Bonita Cove. Over 20 of the SUP industries top manufacturers will be on hand, including C4 Waterman, Rusty and Paddle Surf Hawaii offering demos to the public with the latest and greatest SUP boards, paddles and equipment.
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Humpback Whale Sighting


In early February 2010, I planned to go on a downwinder with some friends. This was the Sunday after the Punahou carnival so I wanted to work off some of the calories I took in from the carnival. Yes, I ate way too many malasadas. We met at 8 am and got skunked by the wind so it became a no winder distance paddle. Flat water paddling feels like slow motion and it was pretty hot and sunny. As you can see in the pics, the water was really nice and had a glistening effect from the sun.
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Work with Starboard SUP?

Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP is looking for a dedicated surfer to fill the role of assistant marketing manager in our Thailand Office, situated in Bangkok.
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Stand Up Paddle Snowboarding

I found this funny video browsing online at I tried snowboarding over the holidays and sucked. Not sure if a paddle would have helped…probably not.

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SUP Surfers Manila Givesback to Ketsana Storm Victims

In a follow-up post on the Manila SUP Stand Up Paddlers Help Flood Victims, I would like to commend the efforts of the Manila Surfers Association and Aloha Boardsports, for taking the initiative to brave the murky waters of Angono, Rizal, and help in the relief operations of people affected by typhoon “Ondoy” (Ketsana storm). Continue reading ‘SUP Surfers Manila Givesback to Ketsana Storm Victims’

Kelsey Grammar SUP Stand Up Paddling

This looks like the North Shore of Hawaii but I’m not sure. I found this online video of Kelsey Grammar from Frasier on a SUP stand up paddle board. If the other lady is his wife, she sure looks a lot younger (and better shape) than he is.

Manila SUP Stand Up Paddlers Help Flood Victims

My friend Bernice Parsons sent me this video from the Philippines. If you’ve been watching the news, the Philippines was just blasted by a huge storm which flooded 80% of Manila. There was a month’s worth of rain in 12 hours.  People’s homes flooded, thousands were stranded on their roofs and over 500,000 people lost their homes.  A group of stand up paddlers wanted to help and did it in a unique way. They delivered relief aid and supplies via their SUP’s because everything was under water.  Check out the video. Continue reading ‘Manila SUP Stand Up Paddlers Help Flood Victims’

SUP on Good Morning America

Laird Hamilton teaches stand up paddling on Good Morning America.

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2009 Molokai Channel Crossing Mental Notes from Robert Stehlik

Here’s some good insights from Robert Stehlik on his Molokai Channel Crossing experience.


My wife asked me after the Molokai race: “What were you thinking about for those six hours?” My reply: “I was trying not to think about anything.”
’nuff said…

I had several more people ask me what was going through my head during the Molokai crossing, so while it is still fresh in my mind, I will write down some thoughts on the mental aspect of the crossing. So, if the short answer above is not enough for you, read on. Continue reading ‘2009 Molokai Channel Crossing Mental Notes from Robert Stehlik’

Funny Laird Hamilton Interview

I found this on youtube the other day and thought it was pretty funny.

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Sandwich Island Composites Visit


I thought I had more pictures but I guess I didn’t take enough during my visit of Mark Raaphorst’s Sandwich Island Composites. I did get a few pictures of interesting gadgets I saw. Mark is definitely a little bit mad scientist and has a number of practical uses for stuff that others may throw away. His leash for his dog “Patch” is an old surfboard leash. They also have fiberglass custom toilet seats. Sorry, two pics I didn’t seem to get. Continue reading ‘Sandwich Island Composites Visit’

Ultimate Fishing – Is SUP Next?

Randy Lui-Kwan sent me this crazy video of an alternative way to fish.

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F-14 and F-16 version 2 Available at Tropical Blends Surf


Jim at Tropical Blends Surf (phone: 808-593-0211) ordered three molded, hollow carbon F-14’s and one F-16 version 2 a couple months ago. The first one arrives next week but was already prepaid. So was the second F-14. That leaves one F-14 and one F-16 up for grabs. I think the F-16 won’t be here until after June or so but the last available F-14 should be here in May. If you’re on Oahu, this is a good opportunity to shorten your wait time (Mark’s wait time is around 3 months and we’re going into summer race season).  I just thought I’d mention this because a number of people have been asking how they can get an F-14 on Oahu.