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Super Choppy Conditions at Mokuleia on Oahu North Shore

Super Choppy Conditions at Mokuleia on Oahu North Shore

This is a quick video I shot while sitting on my board at Mokuleia late 2007. I couldn’t even stand up and paddle it was so choppy so I shot it so people can see how rough the water gets in Hawaii.

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Stand Up in Maui

Mark Jackson Ho’okipa

Mark Jackson from the island of Maui sent over these pics for big Ho’okipa and his collection of gear. I think he also paddled the Molokai race and may give us an update.

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Makaha Makahiki 2008

Makaha Makahiki 2008

This is from a while back. This year’s Makahiki in Makaha (say that tongue twister 10 times fast) was pretty fun. The waves were small although small is better than none at all. I heard it was flat in the morning and then some waves came in just in time for the contest. The conditions were really nice. As you can see from everyone under pop up tents, the sun was blazing.

Driving out to Makaha is a long drive to us islanders. Anything over 15 minutes seems unbearable and the hour drive to Makaha gave me the ability to kill 2 birds with one stone. I wanted to see all the new stuff and the guys ripping in the waves and I needed to go and meet Leleo Kinimaka to find out on his paddles.

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Stand Up Paddle Skateboarding

My son seems to think that everything needs a paddle. See the video.

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Tandem Stand Up Paddle Surf Video


Here’s a cool video courtesy of Heath Thompson from Waterlogged Video Productions. Check them out at and give Heath a call at 808-292-9185 if you’re interested in hiring him to shoot your video.

This was shot on a day that my 5 year old son was off from school and I took him to Puena Point on the North Shore of Oahu to stand up paddle surf with me.

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A Work of Art – Kinimaka Ku Iluna Paddle

Kinimaka Ku Iluna Paddle

I just got my hands on a special hand made Leleo Kinimaka wood paddle. I know all the guys that appreciate working with wood are going to love the pictures of this one. This paddle is so nice that I may just hang it on the wall instead of put it in the water. I also learned an interesting aspect to Leleo’s warranty. He said that in the first year if you get scuff marks on the paddle he will refinish it for free.

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Cool Stand Up Paddle Surfing Video from

Here’s a cool video I saw on

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Kainoa McGee in a Deep Pipeline Barrel

I recently saw Kainoa in Waikiki at Canoe’s and he was teaching a surf lesson and riding an 8′6″ or 8′ SUP. He’s 210 lbs and the board was literally a few inches underwater. I wish I had my camera because it was a sight to see him paddling underwater.

Check out Jamie B’s site for a crazy sequence of Kainoa McGee at Pipe on a C4 SUP.…

Injury from Short Leash – Ouch

Injury from Short Leash – Ouch

I used a short leash a couple weeks ago on the north shore and really liked it. I think the leash was 7’ or so and it made the board way easier to retrieve and seemed less in the way. I liked it so much I went and bought one the other day. I measured the 7’ Da Kine leash which turned out to be a tad under 9 ft when stretched out. I thought that length was perfect for my new 8’9” Blair board. I was wrong.

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Pono Bill and Ke Nalu

If you haven’t already seen it, check out It’s a fairly new stand up paddle site built by Pono Bill from The site has a ton of equipment info and the editorial is informative and funny. I was laughing while reading the article titled “surf guest – that soap is not for you” and then I thought, “Is he talking about me?” I hope not. Anyway, Bill’s site is definitely a worthwhile read.

Tropical Blends on Outdoor America TV Show

Check out this video of Tropical Blends team rider Candice Appleby on Outdoor America TV Show.

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Stand Up Paddle for Kids

C4 Waterman Kids Stand Up Paddle

I made a paddle for my 5 yr old son by taking a 2 pc C4 Waterman carbon paddle and cutting down the shaft. This also allows me to change out the top part of the shaft so my wife can also use it if she ever decides she will come out with me.

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Puena Point with friends and Jamie B from

2-18-08 Puena Point

Check out this super glassy, fun day out at Puena Point on the North Shore of Oahu. I was out with my friend Jeff who is on the other stand up board and my friend Kekoa who’s riding a normal surfboard. The board I’m on is the Blair Quad 9’11” x 29” x 4.5”. The pictures were shot by Jamie Ballenger who owns

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How not to turn a quad into a thruster


I finally got around to getting these pictures online. I was at Ala Moana Courts the second to last week of February and had a fun but uneventful session. The tide was really low. At Ala Moana you need to walk over a long reef to get to the break and going out the water level was ankle high to shin high at best. The waves were pretty small, maybe waist to chest high at max according to my memory (getting old).

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My Brother on Late Night TV

Ok…I know this has nothing to do with stand up paddling but if you’re wondering where I get the music that I add to the videos on this site, wonder no more. It’s original slack key guitar compositions from my brother, Darin. This clip is from his latest appearance on Night Time with Andy Bumatai on the Hawaii NBC affiliate.

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