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A Visit to Uncle Joe Blair’s Shaping Room and a Lesson in Shaping Stand Up Paddle and Surfboards

My family and I recently went on a trip to California and we had the chance to visit Joe Blair at his HQ in Solana Beach. Joe showed us his shaping room and the basics of shaping surf and stand up paddle boards. I usually do the interviews but this time, my boys Koko and [...]

Joe Blair 7′7″ Surfboard / SUP Board for Kids

Here’s a new surfboard from Joe Blair which also doubles as SUP board for kids. This is a production sandwich construction board. My 9 year old could handle it pretty well but my 7 year old was struggling to carry it. Both were able to paddle and balance with no problem at Cardiff. I may [...]

New SUP Design Tips from Joe Blair – Video

I recently visited Joe Blair at his surf shack in Solana Beach, California. This was the first time I’ve been to his place and it was great because I took my boys and they got to learn a bit about surfboards and later paddled at Cardiff. In this video, Joe shares some of what’s new [...]

My Friend Kekoa Surfing at Leftovers on a Blair Surfboard

Here is a quick video of my friend Kekoa Mau surfing at Leftovers, North Shore Oahu on a custom Joe Blair surfboard. He’s over 200 lbs so this is a good example of how Blair’s boards work in overhead surf for big guys. I also got video of a few other surfers out there. See [...]

Blair 2011 Stand Up Paddle Surfing Boards – Video Interview

Here are some new SUP stand up paddle surfing boards from Joe Blair. He showed me 3 new models that are now in production. These are the latest generation of Joe’s signature easy to ride big boy short boards. Joe’s 8′11″ was the first “small” board I rode a few years ago and it definitely [...]

Blair 2011 Quad for Big Guys SUP Surfing Boards – Video interview

I met up with Joe Blair (once again at Legoland San Diego) and he showed me a couple of his new “quad for big guys” stand up paddle surfing boards. Sorry about the wind noise but it was a windy day in San Diego. As you’ll hear in the video, Joe’s got a lot of [...]

Joe Blair SUP Tutorial Video

Joe Blair sent over some SUP tutorial videos he had made and after watching them I have to say I was thoroughly amused. Joe is a funny guy. If you meet him in real life, he will make you laugh. He’s also a genuine guy that has an infectious stoke for surfing and stand up [...]

Race Recap – The 32nd annual Hui O He’e Nalu Independence Day Race

It was a beautiful day for Da Hui’s annual 4th of July race. Here’s a recap from Robert Stehlik from Blue Planet Surf.

Going to the beautiful North Shore on Independence day for the Hui race has become somewhat of a tradition for our family. With clear water, blue skies and light tradewinds, the North [...]

Buddy SUP Surfing at Ala Moana

I decided to take my son at Ala Moana Beach Park to just paddle around and get outdoors because I was indoor most of the day getting work done. I need to get out as I was getting cramped up feeling indoors.

2009 Battle of the Paddle SUP Race

I was fortunate to be able to attend this year’s Battle of the Paddle, not as a racer but as a spectator. The thought of cold water, unfamiliar territory, logistics of equipment, etc didn’t make me want to race. I had a great time shooting pics and video and got a chance to [...]

New Blair Softtop and Inflatable SUP Boards

I took this video during the 2009 Battle of the Paddle at Doheney Beach, California where I met up with Joe Blair and he showed me a couple of his new boards.

Stand Up Paddle Swimming

So you’ve heard of stand up paddle surfing, downwinders and racing. Well, I just did stand up paddle swimming, which if I have a choice, I prefer not to do again. On May 5, I was out at Himalayas on the North Shore of Oahu and looked out and only saw 1 guy and decided [...]

Blair Production 10′1″ SUP Board

I had a chance to interview Joe Blair with his new production, the Blair 10′1″ SUP board.
Joe Blair inserting the fins with Dan Gavere looking in.

SUP Surfing with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach – Video

A few months ago I got in a SUP surf session with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach, North Shore, Hawaii. I got in touch with Ekolu on a Tuesday and he called me to say that he would be in Oahu getting ready for a humanitarian trip and sup movie they are filming in Honduras [...]

New F-14 S.I.C. Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board

I’ve actually had this board for a few weeks now but this post took a while to finish. I got lucky with this F-14 SUP race board. I tried Ray Shiraishi’s custom F-14 (no rudder) during a downwind run a while back in pure epic conditions. The wind was over 20 mph and was very [...]