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Got water? Try standup paddling

This article was originally published by The Calgary Herald. Read the original article here:

Pete Estabrooks
For The Calgary Herald

Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are few more invigorating ways to spend time than releasing yourself from the bonds of gravity flying across the body of water and frolicking a day away.

Maybe it’s an offshoot of the old “we’re composed mostly of water” theory or the idea that we all evolved from water creatures–or perhaps it’s just that increasing our sense of weightlessness that makes things so darn easy.
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Take a stand for fun

This article was originally published by The Australian. Read the original article here:,28124,24814211-5018061,00.html

Fred Pawle | December 17, 2008

The toy of this summer for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to stay fit is the stand-up paddle board. “It’s the fastest growing water sport in the world,” says Chris de Aboitiz of the Stand Up Paddle Surfing shop in Noosa, Queensland.
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Starboard Super 12-6 SUP Windsurf Board Video


The Super 12′6″ is a normal stand up board but it’s been rigged up so that it has a mast track that you can put a windsurf sail in the middle. It also has a retractable keel in the middle and all these different attachments. It’s really pretty cool.
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Meet John Hibbard, Starboard’s Team Rider from UK


If I had a £, $ or € for the predictable look of surprise on peoples faces when I tell them we actually get surf in the UK I’d have a nice sports car sitting outside my house right now! For some reason it doesn’t occur to a lot of people that we might get surf. We live on an island after all! Obviously there are great distances around our coasts that don’t get even a ripple, but then there are some amazing breaks. The water is not as cold as some think and it doesn’t always rain! Although try telling that to Ekolu Kalama who spent 7 very wet days cruising the South Coast with me back in the summer! Like every surf nation busy line ups are a fact of life. Continue reading ‘Meet John Hibbard, Starboard’s Team Rider from UK’

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C4 Waterman 9-9 Stand Up Paddle Surf Board

Here’s a short video of Dave Parmenter giving us the scoop on the new C4 9′9″ SUP board. Check it out.

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Laird Hamilton’s New Book ‘Force of Nature’

This article originally appeared in –

Written by Sunrise on KGMB9 –

When he was 10 years old his stepfather took him to Waimea Falls. They climbed a cliff 60 feet up above the water and when his stepfather turned his head he jumped! You could say superstar surfer Laird Hamilton has always had an adventurous spirit. Today he joins us for a little less-dangerous chit-chat.

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For more information on Laird’s new book, check out his website:

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Dennis Pang 12-6 SUP Racing Board


Here are some pictures I took of the Dennis Pang 12’6” race board which was made for Candice Appleby. I had to finish up and demo this board quickly so I could hand the board over to Reid Inouye from Heavy Water Magazine, who ended up buying it. I found out from Dennis that Reid’s 15′ race board is almost ready and the 17′6″ race board (Guy Pere’s one) is being prepped for demo.
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C4 Waterman Sub Vector 9-3 SUP with Todd Bradley – Video

C4 Waterman Sub Vector 9-3

Here’s a video interview of Todd Bradley introducing the latest from C4 Waterman, the 9′3″ Sub – Vector, shaped by Dave Parmenter and Brian Kelana. Todd demos here their current short board offering for stand up paddle surfing which he said took most of its features from Dave’s original board design called “stub vector”. It’s interesting to know that this short board can actually take on big guys of up to 240 lbs.
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SUP at Toes with Kainoa and Sonny

Here are some pictures and a short video clip from a SUP session from a while ago at Toes in Aina Haina. Kainoa B and crew were helping out some AccesSurf friends and teaching a few others how to SUP.

Sonny teaching a friend how to SUP for the first time

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My SUP experience at Bung Taco Cable Park in Bangkok Thailand


Here’s the continuation of my Starboard SUP experience in Bangkok, Thailand. I was absolutely impressed with the R&D process at Starboard HQ. They can take any prototype on a test ride in the Bung (Lake) Taco cable park which is right next to the offices. I saw a couple of guys doing some test runs with cable wakeboarding /cable ski. Continue reading ‘My SUP experience at Bung Taco Cable Park in Bangkok Thailand’

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Joe Blair 12-6 – Interview

Joe Blair 12-6 SUP Racing Board

In follow up to my previous post, I was able to hook up with Joe Blair for an interview on his all new 12’6″ race board. He shared his philosophies on why the board works, why it’s so different than others and all in the normal Blair style. Check out the interview and hear more of his thoughts.
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Clear Channel Island 98.5 Enter to Win!


Those lucky enough to live in the islands have a chance to Win A Free C4 Board & Paddle courtesy of C4 Waterman, Boardworks Hawaii and Clear Channel Communications by entering at any of eight premier SUP shops: Blue Planet, Wet Feet, Hawaiian South Shore, Surf ‘N Sea, Hawaiian Watersports, Surf Garage, and Kimo’s Surf Hut.
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icon for podpress  C4 Waterman - Lanai 1 [0:28m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

icon for podpress  C4 Waterman - Lanai 2 [0:28m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

icon for podpress  C4 Waterman - Lanai 3 [0:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Jimmy Lewis SUP Stand Up Boards Interview- Video part 2


Here’s part 2 of the video I shot at the Wet Feet expansion party. He goes a little more into his line of SUP boards and how his experience with windsurfing, kiteboards and surfboards influence his designs. Jimmy actually doesn’t ride some of the shapes before he sends them off to get molded. I questioned why he doesn’t ride his race board and he said that the best tow-in surfboard shapers don’t tow-in but can make great boards. I’ve found that the SUP shapers that SUP a lot seem to normally be on the leading edge in design but it’s an interesting perspective. Watch this video to see what Jimmy Lewis has to say about his SUP’s.
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Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand

Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand

During my visit to Starboard headquarters Svein thought it would be a good idea for me to try and windsurf.  I was excited but a bit reluctant.  First off, there was no wind.  Second, I have no windsurfing experience.  He asked the resident pro instructor, Duncan to teach me so I decided to give it a shot.  I was surprised that Duncan could even get the Super 12′6″ SUP to move in the sub 5 mph winds. Continue reading ‘Windsurfing the Starboard Super 12-6 SUP at Lake Bung Taco in Bangkok Thailand’

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Standing up for fitness

This article was originally published on Star Bulletin:

By Rosemarie Bernardo – Star Bulletin

Surfing, move over. You’ve got some competition from another water sport.

The quest for fitness is driving the new worldwide popularity of stand-up paddling, enthusiasts and equipment retailers say.
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