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A Two and 6-mile Paddleboard and SUP race.

Doheny State Park (May 2, 2009) – Attention all Surfers, Paddlers, and Watersports Enthusiasts. May 2nd, Watermans: Applied Science will host the first annual “SurfAid Paddle for Humanity” at Doheny State Park located in beautiful Dana Point, California. All proceeds from this event will go directly to SurfAid International to help support their efforts in bringing Malaria education and prevention, sustainable clean water projects, and sanitation to parts of the world connected to us through surfing. Please join us in our effort to raise $10,000 for such a worthy cause.

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Ekolu Kalama Test Riding His New Starboard 14′8″ The Point SUP Board

This is the video that Starboard’s Ekolu Kalama sent us when he got his new 14′8″ The Point which is especially designed for downwind paddling.

It’s fresh from the box and he tried it at Puena Point with the whole Kalama family. They’ve got “kona” (leeward) winds blowing bringing some swells straight into the harbor so they were able to have some downwind glides.

Catch Ekolu with his family in this video doing some downwinder.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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125 Mile by Stand Up Paddle Board


This weekend the famous Devizes to Westminster Paddle Race gets under way, but this year there are two notable stand outs from the crowd of kayakers and canoeists. John Hibbard and his training partner Anthony Cooper are set to make history as the first Stand Up Paddlers ever to enter the race.
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Local Paddle Board Company Successful Despite Tough Economy-video

We saw this news video at published March 24. Featured on this video are C4 Waterman’s Todd Bradley and Brian Keaulana.

A recession proof business on the forefront of a sport with Hawaiian roots that has exploded in popularity.

To see the video, go to this link:

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Chicago

This article was originally published at
by Ken Ilio
for Chicago Photography Examiner

ken_ilio_stand_up_paddle_boarding_in_chicago-03.jpg A stand-up paddle boarder starting out from the beach on Lake Michigan last week.

There seems to be an upsurge in interest in paddle boarding (stand up paddleboarding) on Lake Michigan in the past two or three years. I’ve seen them spring, summer and … yes, even in winter. Just last week, just before going to work, I glanced out of my window and saw a paddle boarder on the lake. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and took a shot.
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SUP Surfing at North Shore with DW and Jacky-video


DW a.k.a Dwight Fisher, is an active blogger on the Standupzone forum. He lives in North Carolina and an Engineer by trade. Both DW and his wife Jacky, are SUP addicts. He has a great blog at DW and Jacky are fun to hang out with and a very nice couple. They were on Oahu for the week of January 26, checking out the North and South shore for SUP surfing. They went everywhere from Waikiki Canoes to Diamond Head and North Shore. They even got a chance to join some paddling clinics and hang out with Todd and the C4 crew in Waikiki.
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Todd Bradley on “Getting on Board” at PaddleSports Business Mag

Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman sent this feature article from PaddleSports Business Magazine.


Standup paddling has taken parts of the country by storm, spurred by better equipment and high-profile practitioners, from pro surfers like Liard Hamilton to such buzz-generating starlets as Jennifer Aniston. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great workout and just plain fun. PSB consulted two major industry players for the lowdown on the sport’s history and direction-particularly in the Midwest, where it has yet to fully catch on. Bill Kueper, 42, vice president of Minnesota-based Wenonah Canoe & Current Designs Kayaks, provides voice for this next frontier, one rooted in the ’sit-down’ traditions of recreational river running and lake paddling, while Todd Bradley, 50, the co-founder of Hawaii’s C4 Waterman, has spent 25 years standup paddling and surfing at ground zero for the sport’s development.- Jeff Kinney

To view the actual article download getting-on-board-paddlesports-business

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Tropical Blends Rack Pads


I’ve been using these car rack pads from Tropical Blends Surf and really like them.
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Sandwich Island Composites 2nd Generation F16 by Mark Raaphorst


Sandwich Island Composites gives us a preview of the 2nd generation F16 which is a proven point-to-point racing board by Mark Raaphorst. Check out what’s new with the new generation F16 .

The differences:
Rhino design and CNC cut (true curves, better symmetry)
More boxy rails. (dry feet)
Single concave with small hydro hull side panels (better stability)
Smaller pad (lighter weight)
Contoured deck (increase comfort and stability)

The board is even faster, planes out longer and is more stable
Future construction is autoclave.
Basically a lot of what is going on with the new F14.
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Oahu Championships SUPS results

Here is the result of the recently concluded Oahu Championships held last Saturday, March 21, 2009 at Hawaii Kai. Results are for the SUPs Division only.

AGE GROUP: FEMALE Stock 12′6″ & under Standup

1 90 CAROLYN ANNEROD 2:29:15

AGE GROUP: MALE Stock up to 14′no rdr Standup

1 73 RAY SHIRAISHI 1:49:12

AGE GROUP: MALE Open/Unlimited Class Standup

1 70 JEFF CHANG 1:42:48
3 75 HERBIE TITCOMB 1:52:41

For the complete race results see

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Touched by a Whale…Almost…

This week is looking to be great for downwind runs. East winds are 10-20 mph+ all week and there’s an east swell. I got a chance to do a downwind run this morning in great conditions. I was trucking along and focused on catching bumps when about 20 minutes into the run I heard a super loud blowing sound just to my right. Let me preface that when I get into ‘the zone’ I tune out everything except trying to catch bumps. There can be a boat on my side and I may not even notice it. The sound I heard was loud, close and scared the daylights out of me although it paled in comparison to what made the sound. Continue reading ‘Touched by a Whale…Almost…’

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Starboard 9′8″ x 30″ Tufskin SUP Board


I took this video last year during my trip to Bangkok, Thailand where I met with Starboard’s Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström at the Starboard HQ. While at the headquarters, Svein showed me the 9’8”x30 Tufskin Black Camo.
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Standup Journal publisher Clay Feeter hashes out the mag’s history and the future of SUP

…and shares Surfer mag founder warning to Standup Journal: “Don’t encourage them”-


We got a chance to catch up with Clay Feeter, publisher of Standup Journal Magazine who is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary. Congratulations! This was a bit different for Clay as he’s normally on the question asking side and not the question answering side. We found out much more than we expected and Clay threw in some surprises. Here’s the interview below.
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Meet C4 Waterman Ambassador Ryan Levinson


What sets C4 Waterman ambassador Ryan Levinson apart is not the fact that he has spent over a decade competing successfully in national and international level triathlons while still pursuing his passion for water-sports like surfing, bodysurfing, paddleboarding, SUPing, kiteboarding, free-diving, and sailing, it’s the fact that he does all this despite continuously loosing muscle. Ryan can no longer do a pushup, a sit up, or even raise his arms over his head but by modifying his technique and equipment he continues to charge forward excelling in the water and on land. As he puts it, “It was not my choice to have Muscular Dystrophy, but I do, and it is my choice how I respond. This is my life. Disabled or not, I choose to live it.” For more information visit
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SUP Surfing with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach – Video


A few months ago I got in a SUP surf session with Ekolu Kalama at Sunset Beach, North Shore, Hawaii. I got in touch with Ekolu on a Tuesday and he called me to say that he would be in Oahu getting ready for a humanitarian trip and sup movie they are filming in Honduras and El Salvador. He was going to be here from Thursday to Tuesday which coincided with a huge north swell that had come in with I think about 20′ face type waves with really good conditions, light winds and just pristine weather.
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