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Da Hui July 4th SUP Race-video

The July 4th Da Hui race this year was a blast.  This is the first time I participated and was really impressed.  Everything was run like clockwork and very professional.  The conditions were ok with a light wind and occasional gust…better than the Olukai race but not enough to fly on.  I rode my F-14 and it was ok but I really could have used a full displacement F-18.  This was the first race for my brother and Randy Lui-Kwan.  It’s funny because I remember last year when Jeff Harris was prodding me to do the race and I kept telling him I wasn’t into racing.  This year I’m totally into it although I’m still not very fast.  Here are some pics and some video clips from the day.

da-hui-race-02.jpg                 Race line

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Congratulations to the Molokai Racers!

Molokai Race 2009

I was at the finish line of the Molokai Race and the picture above, although blurry, says it all. Congratulations Ekolu on your win today!

I have a bunch of pictures and video (before my camera ran out of batteries) which I’ll post later. Here’s a few more from the winners.
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Tom “Pohaku” Stone’s Wooden “Kiko’o” Board-video


I met Tom “Pohaku” Stone at a party at Surftech Hawaii.  Pohaku is a legendary native Hawaiian waterman and wooden board shaper.  After he told me he was paddling the wood board, in a traditional Hawaiian malo from Molokai to Oahu (32 miles) I had to get it on video to share with everyone else. He showed me one of his boards, which I initially thought was a Paipo board. As it turns out, it was the Kiko’o 10 foot Koa wood board weighing in around 100 lbs. and is 3 inches thick.  I don’t know if I can carry the board, much less paddle it. Continue reading ‘Tom “Pohaku” Stone’s Wooden “Kiko’o” Board-video’

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Dave Parmenter at Kaimana Beach-Part 1 – Video


After a downwinder late last week, we were rinsing off our gear and saw Dave Parmenter.  Dave is a master shaper and co-founder in C4 Waterman.  He’s the guy that designs and shapes their boards.  Dave is one of the early pioneers of stand up paddle surfing and I found it interesting that he considers Todd Bradley his paddling coach for downwind and racing.  Dave’s paddling in the Molokai to Oahu race this weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to film a quick interview and get some tips.  Good thing I had my camera on my arm.

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Ekolu Kalama Dominates the JEVER SUP World Cup 2009, Hamburg


Congratulations to Starboard team rider, Ekolu Kalama for sweeping the grand prize in the pro sprint and distance races of the JEVER SUP World Cup 2009 in Hamburg, Germany.  He brought home the goods in both the 200 meter sprint and the 10,000 meter distance race. Now Ekolu has the official title as 2x “World Champion!”
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S.I.C. F-18 Full Displacement SUP Race Board vs F-16 – Video with Mark Raaphorst


I took this video when I went to visit Mark Raaphorst at his Ding King compound at Sandwich Island Composites. This was from June when I went there for the Olukai Race. I got to see his workshop and the newest S.I.C. race SUP’s, the F-16 v2 and the F-18. I asked him how to choose between the two.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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John Hibbard on JEVER SUP World Cup Hamburg 2009

Here’s a first hand recount of the JEVER SUP from the Pro division’s distance and sprint 3rd placer, John Hibbard. Read on…

jever-sup-world-cup-b0e9950 Starboard’s John Hibbard beaming with pride

Photo courtesy of HOCHZWEI

“When someone told me there was a race event going on in Germany I was expecting some small fry event with a few people. I could not have been more wrong. Arriving at the event after driving across England, catching a ferry to France and then driving across France, Belgium, Holland and finally Germany I was blown away by the size of the thing. A tented event village with hotdog stands, mobile beer sellers and 20,000+ spectators this event was something else. The whole race area was wired for sound and a mix of pumping tunes and commentary boomed around this man made canal basin that had been turned into a SUP Stadium! Continue reading ‘John Hibbard on JEVER SUP World Cup Hamburg 2009′

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StandUp Paddle Magazine Volume 2 Sneak Peek

Reid Inouye from StandUp Paddle Magazine sent over some exclusive previews of the second issue. These print publications keep on getting better and better and I already read the mag cover to cover twice in one day. I love this stuff and please keep it coming. Continue reading ‘StandUp Paddle Magazine Volume 2 Sneak Peek’

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Sandwich Island Composites F-16 v1 vs. F-16 v2-video


I went to Sandwich Island Composites and had a chance to talk to the man himself, Mark Raaphorst. I saw the new S.I.C. F-16 version 2 (v2) SUP board side by side with the F-16 v1. I thought it would be good to compare the F-16 v1 with the new generation of F-16 v2 to find out the difference between the two versions. Watch the video and hear it straight from Mark R.

(click thumbnail to launch video)
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The 2009 Cape Cod Bay Challenge


A 30 Mile Marathon Standup Paddle to Help Support Christopher’s Haven

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Cape Cod Bay Challenge Event. On August 15, 2009, a small group of stand-up paddle surfers will attempt a grueling marathon paddle across Cape Cod Bay from Plymouth to Provincetown. Each has trained for months to prepare for this event to raise money to help these kids deal with a devastating challenge. Standup Paddlers from as far as Illinois, California, Hawaii and the UK are coming out to show their support for this the longest event of its kind on the east coast. Continue reading ‘The 2009 Cape Cod Bay Challenge’

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Waterman’s League Promo Video

Tristan Boxford from the Waterman League sent over this video to highlight his new SUP endeavor to create a world tour. This is one of the best produced SUP videos I’ve seen so far.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Penetrator Run with Pono Bill


Pono Bill is the guy who runs the, the Pono House blog, and goes by the avatar-PonoBill online. He is an interesting guy from the mainland who spends part of his time on Maui.
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Sandwich Island Composites F-16 v2 SUP board Available at Tropical Blends


I was at Tropical Blends Surf last week and noticed a brand new S.I.C. F-16 Race SUP on the wall. I got Kumau to let me borrow a ladder to climb up and check it out. I think this is the first F-16 version 2 on Oahu. If you don’t want to wait 3 to 4 months, then check out with Jim and Kumau before it’s gone.
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Giving Birth to an S.I.C. F-14 SUP Race Board


During my visit to Maui for the Olukai Race I got to see the ‘hatching’ of the Sandwich Island Composite F-14 SUP race board. It was a fairly simple process as you’ll see in the short video I took.
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Tropical Blends Moku 11′7″ SUP Board


Tropical Blends’ ’09 line of SUPs includes a board designed for the “big guy that wants to surf” says Jim Hayes (Tropical Blends owner). “If you’re in the 200+ weight range with a good set of skills, the Moku is 11’ 7” of surfing pleasure” Jim continues. At 31” wide, 4 1/2” thick and plenty of rocker, this board is meant for performance. Here’s a video with Jim providing the details about the Moku. Continue reading ‘Tropical Blends Moku 11′7″ SUP Board’

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