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DaKine SUP Accessories

Part of the reason that I love SUP is that I love gadgets and DaKine has some of the best gadgets around. I just got some DaKine tools and gear and wanted to show them here.


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Laird Hamilton Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hookipa Video

Rand over at posted this video done by and I thought I’d repost it here since it’s a great video and Laird makes it look so darn easy.

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Starboard K15 SUP Board in Action-video


I’ve been riding the Starboard K15 SUP board off and on and shot some video of it in action. First off, the K-15 is an interesting board. It’s not meant for surfing but it can actually surf small waves. The board has incredible glide, especially in flat water which makes it perfect for lakes and inland paddling. A while back I took it out to Old Man’s in Waikiki and caught swell. I’m saying swell because for the most part, the swell never broke into a wave. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video I shot of Randy Lui-Kwan surfing it.
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Olukai Hoolaulea Race – Painful but Fun


Mark Raaphorst from S.I.C. kept talking about the Olukai race that went on May 17 and 18, 2009 and it sounded like fun so I flew from Oahu to Maui to participate. I was excited because Maliko downwinders are legendary and I was ready for the action. Before the race weekend, I kept looking at the wind forecasts and got worried because the forecast was for a headwind and not the awesome 25+ mph tailwind that we see and hear about.
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Ultimate Fishing – Is SUP Next?

Randy Lui-Kwan sent me this crazy video of an alternative way to fish.

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Stand Up Paddle Swimming

So you’ve heard of stand up paddle surfing, downwinders and racing. Well, I just did stand up paddle swimming, which if I have a choice, I prefer not to do again. On May 5, I was out at Himalayas on the North Shore of Oahu and looked out and only saw 1 guy and decided to paddle out. Laniakea was breaking nice and there was actually only a small number of people. I’m not sure but I think that since the surf was good for a couple weeks, people were taking a rest. Jockos was double overhead and I couldn’t tell from shore how big Himalayas was so I put on my life jacket just in case.
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Maunalua SUP Ocean Clean Up


Sponsored by: Wet Feet, Malama Maunalua, and Soljah

Sunday, May 24th 2009
Where: Paddle inside the Reef from Hawaii Kai to Kahala
Check in: 12:00 noon
Paddle: 1pm-3pm

To enter, call us at the shop at 808.373.7873
or stop by and fill out an entry form
820 West Hind Drive
Honolulu, HI 96821

* $20.00 Donation goes to Malama Maunalua
includes a free Wet Feet Long Sleeve Jersey and lunch*

Forming a Human Chain of Awareness

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Dan Gavere with the Werner Carve SUP Paddle-video


With me on this video is Dan Gavere from Werner Paddles who is going to show us the new Carve SUP paddle. Dan shows us how durable this paddle is, by leaning and putting all his weight on it yet it’s still holding up. I don’t think I would allow Dan to do the same thing on my paddles. But it’s amazing how the Carve is able to sustain such pressure and not break.
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How to Do a Cutback, Generate Speed, Carve to Snap and Do Floaters

Now that I’ve been spending more time SUP surfing again I’ve really been trying to get better and learn more moves. I couldn’t really do a cutback turn prior to SUP so anything for me is better than before. It’s been a bit frustrating but I found this surfline video of Taylox Knox on youtube that at least helps me know what to focus on.

I thought I’d post it here:

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Blair Production 10′1″ SUP Board


I had a chance to interview Joe Blair with his new production, the Blair 10′1″ SUP board.


blair-production-10'-02.jpg        Joe Blair inserting the fins with Dan Gavere looking in.

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2009 Whitewater Stand Up Paddling Championship May 30 & 31, 2009

The 2009 Whitewater Stand Up Paddling Championship will be held May 30 & 31 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This one of a kind event will feature the world’s best river stand up paddlers displaying their paddling prowess on the snowmelt swollen Colorado River. This new and innovative competition is up for grabs. Local CO river SUP guru and owner of the Aspen Kayak Academy ( Charlie MacArthur is one of the favorites, but the competition promises to be fierce. Pro kayaker and renowned extreme sports athlete Dan Gavere of Werner Paddles ( will be a force to be reckoned with for sure as he is one of the innovators in the new sport of whitewater SUPing. Also a handful of Hawaii’s top stand up paddlers will be traveling to the mainland for the event. C4 Waterman ( will be well represented at the competition with a number of their SUP team heading to CO for this unique test of skill.
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Werner Nitro SUP Paddle


Here is the recent interview I did with Dan Gavere, Werner Paddles’ Sales representative for the southwest of US and Hawaii, on the Werner Nitro SUP paddle. Dan was staying on the North Shore of Oahu and we got a chance to SUP together. We had a blast and then had a filling dinner at Haleiwa Joes. I’ve been using the Werner Nitro since it was a prototype in the middle of 2008. It’s my favorite paddle in the Werner line.
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Watermans: Applied Science Presents, “The Surfaid Paddle For Humanity” Race Recap

Doheny State Park (Saturday, May 2, 2009) – Sunshine, great weather, and over 200 participants and spectators were on hand Saturday morning for the first annual SurfAid Paddle for Humanity, despite the Weatherman’s predictions of rain and questionable conditions. The event proved to be a great experience for everyone involved. Paddlers raised over $11,000 for SurfAid International to help support their efforts to improve the health, well being and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.
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Starboard 10′0 x 34″ SUP Board


Here is my take on the Starboard 10’ x 34″ stand up paddle board which I tried during my trip to Bangkok, Thailand at the Starboard headquarters.

I like those dual leash plugs because it makes it easy if you run a rope between them to have a handle to grab on to when you get pounded by waves. It also allows the leash to go side to side as needed.
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OluKai Celebrates Island Culture through Ho’olaule’a Ocean Festival


April 1, 2009, Maui HI – OluKai Premium Footwear announces its inaugural OluKai Ho’olaule’a Ocean Festival to be held May 16th and 17th, 2009, at the Lae ‘Ula O Kai Canoe Club at Kanaha Beach Park, Maui. This event will celebrate and pay tribute to the ocean lifestyle through competition, tradition, family, and giving back to the community.
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