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New Products from C4 Waterman – Sub Vector 9′3″ SUP Board


By Clarise:

Here’s a video of Dave Parmenter presenting the new C4 Waterman 9′3″ Sub Vector. The board was designed to be a no-fail board for intermediate surfers and above, starting around with a max range of around 240-250 lbs. It has a lot of very potent short board features: flat bottom, really hard crisp edges that goes into a double concave, and convertibility with five fin boxes.
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Paddling the latest holiday craze

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By Jessica Seymour
for The Daily Telegraph

January 04, 2009 12:00am

MORE Australians are learning stand-up paddle boarding – an ancient technique created by Hawaiians – with some surfers using the boards in low swell to build up their balance while others are mastering a new skill in a sport they love.

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C4 Waterman Handle Grip Install


Here’s a couple of video clips I took of the C4 Waterman handle grip installation demo. Using some foam grip scrap pieces, see how Joe positions the pad on the top most portion of the handle, starting off at the center towards the sides, following the contour of the handle. Notice how he carefully removes the adhesive backing making sure it overlaps smoothly. He cuts clean the excess pad with a razor, sands it after and it’s done.
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Layne Beachley Enjoying Retirement on Northern Beaches

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By Layne Beachley
for The Daily Telegraph

January 01, 2009 12:00am

FOR Layne Beachley, home has never been a constant.

Throughout a surfing career that spanned two decades and seven world titles she saw hundreds of hotel rooms and scores of beaches.

As a young woman working through the struggles of her adoption, there was an emotional journey surrounding her identity as well.

But after her decision to retire in October, a “refreshed” Beachley is back on the Northern Beaches for good.
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Thanksgiving Day Downwinder on 12′6″s


I went on a downwinder last Thanksgiving Day which initially started off with my brother Darin who wanted to go stand up paddling. There weren’t too many choices, either it’s small waves and some wind on the South shore, or it’s going to be huge waves on the North shore. He’s out of surfing shape right now so that would be pretty tough.
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Joe Blair Custom 10′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


I took a short video of this new custom shaped Joe Blair stand up board. It’s a 10’ board and what he did was he left the nose a bit full to keep some paddle power in there. There’s a decent amount of rocker in that nose so that you don’t curl. The tail pulled in quite a bit more than the blue 9’11” one that I had before.
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Interview with Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström Part 2


This is the 2nd installment of my interview with Starboard’s Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström at the Starboard HQ. Svein showed me an 8½’ X 30″ Sport Tech board used by Ekolu Kalama using wood technology. You can see the pine wood portions of the board’s outer shell which adds rigidity and lightness to the board. Also with us here is Margareta, who’s a professional windsurfer and gets to stand up paddle whenever she can. She also shared her thoughts on the differences between windsurfing as opposed to SUP.
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Interview with Starboard CEO Svein Rasmussen and Margareta Engström Part 1


My short trip to Thailand to check out the biggest windsurfing company, Starboard, was quite an experience. I was able to interview Starboard’s founder and 4-time windsurfing world champion, Svein Rasmussen. Svein talked about Starboard beginnings and how it has become what it is now. It’s pretty amazing how his “40-year-cycle” theory on board design has led him to make a crossover between windsurfing and stand paddle surfing. Svein is sitting next to Margareta Engstrom who runs marketing for Starboard and is also a professional windsurfer and avid SUP paddler.
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Joe Blair 10-6 SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


This is the board I’ve been talking to Blair about for probably the last 3 months or so. I told him that I wanted the board, first and foremost, to be fast. I need to be able to use it on bigger surf and when I want to get out of the way, I want to be able to paddle. I want to make sections so I don’t get pounded and get stuck on the inside.
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Christmas Spirit and a Big Mahalo (Thanks) to Herbie Titcomb

What an exciting year for SUP stand up paddling.  I just wanted to wish everyone a very Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year).  The Christmas spirit is definitely here.

My brother and I did a short downwinder this morning and were blessed with great wind.  When we were done we loaded the boards on his car.  At that point we realized that I forgot to put straps in his car and just as we were wondering what we should do, Herbie Titcomb pulled up in his yellow VW Bug on his way out of Kaimana Beach and stopped to talk story with us.  Once he realized we had no straps he let us borrow his.  What a cool guy and what a cool sport that brings us all together.

Thanks Herbie!  You saved us today.

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Ekolu Kalama Interview – How He Got Started

Ekolu Kalama Ekolu Kalama with his Starboard 9’

I got a chance to interview Ekolu Kalama, who’s a team rider for Starboard SUP. He was here on Oahu, Hawaii for a few days getting ready to film the movie pilot for his SUP adventure. It must be really cool to get paid to SUP around the world.
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Coast Guard November 2008 SUP Race

Coast-Guard-Race-01.jpg Coast Guard race sign in table and volunteers

The Coast Guard race had over 100+ entrants, one-man canoes, 6-man canoes, stand up paddlers and a few lie down paddleboarders. We started off at the Hawaii Kai boat ramp area in Maunalua Bay and I think it was a pretty open route. Once we actually ended up getting started, most of us just went straight across the bay towards Diamond Head. I was pretty surprised because Jeff Chang normally ditches me and blows me away. I think he’s normally at least 10, 15 or maybe even 20 minutes in front of me on comparable size boards.
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C4 Waterman Paddle Grip Install

This is a short video I took of Joe putting on the C4 Waterman paddle grip on my C4 XPR SUP paddle shaft. It will show you how the grip is installed. You might want to do it on your own shafts but if your hands are shaky, might as well try it on someone else’s. Watch how accurate Joe is with the installation, from the grip set-up, cutting the excess part and finishing it off scratch free.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Got water? Try standup paddling

This article was originally published by The Calgary Herald. Read the original article here:

Pete Estabrooks
For The Calgary Herald

Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are few more invigorating ways to spend time than releasing yourself from the bonds of gravity flying across the body of water and frolicking a day away.

Maybe it’s an offshoot of the old “we’re composed mostly of water” theory or the idea that we all evolved from water creatures–or perhaps it’s just that increasing our sense of weightlessness that makes things so darn easy.
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Take a stand for fun

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Fred Pawle | December 17, 2008

The toy of this summer for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to stay fit is the stand-up paddle board. “It’s the fastest growing water sport in the world,” says Chris de Aboitiz of the Stand Up Paddle Surfing shop in Noosa, Queensland.
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