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Candice Appleby with Her New Tropical Blends Pro-Model Prototype SUP Board – Video


Tropical Blends’ Team rider, Candice Appleby gives us a glimpse of her new proto-type high performance model by shaper, Shane Reuber. Candice shows us the stage 1 of the shaping process with this video clip that she personally took.
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NFL Star Junior Seau SUP Surfing on Surftech SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


I was talking with Duke over at Surftech to see what was new, who was getting into SUP, etc and found out that NFL star Junior Seau is now pretty stoked on stand up paddle surfing. From the pictures it looks like he’s all by himself but then again, who would drop in on Junior Seau?
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Ultimate C4 Waterman SUP Stand Up Board Quiver


Can you believe this is a new quiver…for one person? This was sent to us from Ted Rutherford and Todd Bradley over at C4 Waterman:
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Ekolu Kalama’s Starboard 9-0 Superfish SUP Board


I filmed 2 separate videos with Ekolu Kalama showing me his Starboard 9’0”x30” Superfish SUP board. The first video is a short one shot in the parking area of Sunset Beach. He rode this board as a quad that session. Ekolu’s been riding the 9’0” Starboard Superfish especially when he’s out in the water catching waves be it Teahupoo or Pipeline. Watch this short clip as Ekolu gets ready for a session at Sunset Beach, Hawaii.
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Ekolu Kalama SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfs in Huge Puerto Escondido Barrels

Ekolu Kalama sent over this video he just made from some sick footage of him SUP surfing in huge Puetro Escondido waves. The barrels are huge and they don’t call Puerto Escondido the Mexican Pipeline for nothing. Ekolu is definitely living life to the fullest.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Sandwich Island Composites (S.I.C.) F-14 by Mark Raaphorst – Video


After riding Ray Shiraishi’s F-14 in epic downwind conditions a few weeks back I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I told Ray that his F-14 (w/out rudder) would be perfect with a rudder. Last week I called Mark Raaphorst at Sandwich Island Composites (S.I.C.) to ask how long it would take to shape an F-14 and see what was new. I got lucky as it turned out another customer had ordered an F-14 carbon molded model SUP and didn’t like the color so I ordered it. I got it yesterday. Continue reading ‘Sandwich Island Composites (S.I.C.) F-14 by Mark Raaphorst – Video’

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Werner Paddles releases The Nitro SUP Stand Up Paddle



Werner Paddles recently unveiled new innovations in its Stand Up Paddle range at the Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando Florida. The Werner Nitro is a smaller, Performance Core, carbon paddle and the new Adjustable 3-piece shaft which can be found on all of the SUP models.

I’ve been using the prototype Werner Nitro SUP paddle for a number of months and absolutely love it. I’ve been cutting the width of other paddles down to get to the feel I like and this one is light years ahead of my ‘hack jobs’. It’s interesting that with such a narrow blade I still get enough propulsion and it’s very easy on my joints and shoulders. I’ll do a more thorough review on this paddle later.
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It’s a Girl – Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong

No SUP for me today. Where was I? Having a baby. Welcome Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong, born today at 2:37 pm and weighing in at 7.1 lbs.

 kyndra_lyn_setsuko_leong                         Meet my Kyndra Lyn Setsuko Leong


 kyndra_lyn_setsuko_leong                Daddy’s girl

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Dave Parmenter Shaping C4 Waterman’s 10′10″ “Bombora Chaser”


Just last week, Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman sent a bunch of pictures showing Dave Parmenter’s latest big wave board: the 10′10″ “Bombora Chaser”. Dave gave us some background and specifications of this new SUP board. Take a closer look at this latest offering from C4 Waterman and see it first on this page.
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Challenged Athletes Foundation and Operation Rebound Clinic


C4 Waterman ambassador Ryan Levinson joined forces with paddleboard retailer Aqua Adventures and members of the San Diego Outrigger Canoe Club to host an inspirational paddleboarding and outrigger canoe clinic for disabled athletes. The event was held in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and CAF’s “Operation Rebound” program. Fifteen challenged athletes, veterans, troops, and first responders enjoyed paddling an armada of C4 Holo Holos and Classics in Mission Bay, San Diego.
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Starboard 8′5″ x 30″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


This is part of the series of video clips I took from my Starboard HQ visit in Thailand. On the video is Svein Rasmussen, Starboard CEO, showing the new 8’5” x 30 board, which he said gives the rider a different perception of SUP surfing. He said that when he tried it, it gave him a good and easy surf experience. It can take on a 160 lbs. rider and will still have that ease and glide that you could get from a 10’5”, 11’2 or even a 12’6”. Continue reading ‘Starboard 8′5″ x 30″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board’

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13th Annual Hanohano Ocean Challenge – Update



Only 5 days ’till the 13th Annual Hanohano Ocean Challenge. More info on the Sponsors and race day happenings can be found at:

Click here to download the PDF poster

Click here to download the PDF article from Beach and Bay Press

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Hawaii Kai C4/Wet Feet Day- Update

Here’s an update on the Hawaii Kai C4 Waterman and Wet Feet Demo day.
Confirmed dates are:

Saturday January 31 – Demo day @ Hawaii Kai with Wet Feet.
at the Hawaii Kai boat ramp from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm.

Saturday, February 28 – Demo day @ Kailua boat ramp with Kimo’s Surf Hut
from 10:00 am till 1:00pm.

See you all there.
C4 Waterman and Wet Feet are teaming up so you can try Stand Up Paddling. Expert tips, equipment advice and water etiquette from Hawaii’s leading watermen Brian Keaulana, Dave Parmenter and Todd Bradley.

Free of charge just bring your valid I.D.

There will be prizes and giveaways.

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Top Menu Change – Any Suggestions?

After some discussion, we made some changes on the navigation menu of the site to hopefully make things easier to find. We just changed the order of the top menu links and nothing was deleted. Please send us comments or suggestions on what you think. Aloha.

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Connecting the Downwinder Bumps

If you spend time at then you’ve probably seen posts by Rambo from I was watching this video and it gave me a first person view of exactly what the feeling is like to connect open ocean waves (bumps). You’ll see in Rambo’s video how he turns his OC-1 canoe to line up and catch the next bump. This is what people are always talking about and the super fun part of downwinders that I enjoy.

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