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StickyWheel Board Transportation Device


This is another interesting product I saw at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle, the StickyWheel Board Transportation Device. Here’s a description from their website:
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S.I.C. Fw-14 Displacement Hull Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board


The wait is over. I finally got my full displacement hull version of the SIC F-14, renamed the FW-14. I suggested to Mark that he name it the F-14e but I guess he didn’t like that name. I’ve only had 2 sessions on this board due to the recent lack of trade winds. The first session was in 20 mph+ conditions and waist high swell. That session was fun and fairly effortless. I was surprised that with such a flat rocker, the FW-14 had no problem pearling or nose poking too much. I think this may have to do with the ideal length to fit in the trough but it could also be the design.
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Buddy SUP Surfing at Ala Moana


I decided to take my son at Ala Moana Beach Park to just paddle around and get outdoors because I was indoor most of the day getting work done. I need to get out as I was getting cramped up feeling indoors.
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2009 SUP Fryslan 11-City Tour – Video


Mark Raaphorst sent us these photos and a video of the 2009 SUP Fryslan 11-City Tour held last September in the Netherlands.
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On It Pro Blue Goo and Xtreme Cream for SUP


I saw some interesting products on display during the 2009 Battle of the Paddle. Among them was the Blue Goo board cleaner and Xtreme Cream bottom coating from On It Pro. Check out the video for a demo on how to use them on a stand up board:
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Sandwich Island Composites (S.I.C.) F-Series Promo Video

Mark Raaphorst sent us this video featuring their F-Series Stand Up Paddle boards. Check it out:

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Hobie Polarized Sunglasses for SUP Sea Specs and RainX


I recently picked up a pair of Hobie polarized sunglasses at the Battle of the Paddle 2009 in California and so far so good. Prior to using these sunglasses I used Sea Specs because they are polarized, light, have a neck strap and are fairly inexpensive. I think they cost me $50 or so and I got the Hobie’s on sale for $40.
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Birth of The New S.I.C. Fw-14 Displacement Race SUP


My goal for this board was to get the glide of the S.I.C. F-18 with the agility and transportation advantages of the F-14. I’ve been paddling the S.I.C. F-18 for a few months now and feel fairly comfortable riding it now. The F-18 takes a bit longer to dial in since the riding dynamics are so different than the F-14. The board has no sharp edges so to turn it, you really need to use the rudder. It tends to roll and slide more than surf although the glide is so addictive that it’s what I’m riding on days with under 15 mph winds. Continue reading ‘Birth of The New S.I.C. Fw-14 Displacement Race SUP’

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Na Kama Kai Ocean Clinic for Kids


Na Kama Kai is the brain child of Hawaii waterman Duane DeSoto. Duane is a professional longboarder and also competes in SUP stand up paddle competitions. He is the solo winner for the 2008 Molokai to Oahu race. Duane started Na Kama Kai and you can get more info at I finally got a chance to attend one of their ocean clinics and my kids had a blast. If you have kids, you should definitely take them to one or more of these, especially since they’re free. The clinics are held once a month and you can see the schedule on their site. Here are some pictures and a video I shot from the clinic we attended.
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Joe Bark 18′ SUP Stand Up Paddle Race Board


Here’s another board that Joe Bark showed me during my visit to his SUP stand up paddle race board and paddleboard factory. This one is an 18′ SUP stand up race board. I’ve ridden an older version Bark 18′ full carbon race SUP a few months ago in a Hawaii Kai run. It was originally made for Herbie Titcomb and later sold to Robert Stehlik who has been doing really well on it. That board is a bit different than the one Joe showed me.
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Diamond Head Surf Session with Kekoa

Here’s some clips of my friend Kekoa surfing Diamond Head. It’s from a while back but I figured I’d just post it anyway.

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Tropical Blends Paha 9′1″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


When visiting Tropical Blends Surf the other day, Jim mentioned that the Paha 9′1″ SUP model was the best surfing SUP he’s ridden so far. We’ll have to take this for a demo ourselves to see for ourselves. In the meantime, here’s the specs below.
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Joe Bark SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Factory Tour and New Race Boards


Joe Bark is one of the dominant shapers for paddleboards and stand up paddle race boards. On a recent trip to California I stopped by his factory and Joe gave me a quick tour. I found the address for the factory but it was a series of warehouse buildings, many without any signs. Just as I was going to call Joe to ask which one he was in, I saw a huge pile of foam. At that point, I knew I found the right place. Joe also spent some time showing the new boards he’s working on and how he tests their performance. I took a few pictures but the videos will give you a personal tour of the factory.
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2009 Coast Guard Race Recap by Robert Stehlik

Congratulations to Robert Stehlik for winning the 2009 Fallen Guardians Memorial Race. Here’s a race recap he wrote on his blog:


The Fallen Guardian Memorial race was held on Sunday Nov. 1st 2009. The race was open to all kinds of watercraft, check out the traffic jam at the finish.
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C4 Waterman SUP Demo Day at REI Video

I know this is a promotional video but it does a great job at showing how excited people get when they first SUP and how accessible this sport is becoming. This is one of the best promotional videos I’ve seen so far. This was shot in Seattle, Washington.

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