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Local celebrities to take on paddleboard race

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By Jason Tang

Matt PattersonJimmy Keaulana
Matt PattersonJimmy Keaulana

MOLOKAI CHANNEL (KHNL) – 180 paddleboarders will take on the always treacherous Molokai Channel in the Quicksilver Paddleboard race this Sunday.

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Pierce Brosnan Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Check out this video of Pierce Brosnan talking about Stand Up Paddle Surfing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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Corona Stand Up Paddle Event

We just got this notice from Sander at


I think this is a first in stand up paddle surfing, but the Corona Stand Up Paddle exhibition that we are sponsoring and activating will be live this Sunday just after lunch. (approx: 1:20 PM)

Tune in and watch everyone from Joel Tudor and Lisa Anderson to Timmy Reyes compete in a single SUP heat in front of the largest live audience of and surf contest in the USA!

To watch,
Click on and go into the live action at the US OPEN


Stand Up Most Miles Paddled in 24 hours World Record

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Justin DeBree, 27, a territory manager for DeWALT Power Tools, began his 400-mile journey from Key Biscayne to St. Mary’s, Ga., on a stand-up paddle board last Thursday. He hopes to conclude the journey on July 4.

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Blair 8-7 Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

Blair 8-7 Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

Here’s a preview of the Blair 8′7″ x 30″ x 4.25″ high performance stand up board. Joe shaped this from a thinner blank than I would have liked and it feels like this board should be for a person under 200 lbs. I’ve ridden it a few times and it is definitely smaller than the 8′9″ I have.

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Sunset to Waimea Stand Up Paddle Race

Here’s Jeff H. with a big smile on his face. He said there were 100 or so stand ups in this race and it was super fun. Maybe next time I’ll go too.

Sunset to Waimea Stand Up Paddle Race

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Makaha Makahiki 2008

Makaha Makahiki 2008

This is from a while back. This year’s Makahiki in Makaha (say that tongue twister 10 times fast) was pretty fun. The waves were small although small is better than none at all. I heard it was flat in the morning and then some waves came in just in time for the contest. The conditions were really nice. As you can see from everyone under pop up tents, the sun was blazing.

Driving out to Makaha is a long drive to us islanders. Anything over 15 minutes seems unbearable and the hour drive to Makaha gave me the ability to kill 2 birds with one stone. I wanted to see all the new stuff and the guys ripping in the waves and I needed to go and meet Leleo Kinimaka to find out on his paddles.

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Baby Queens Session with Duane DeSoto – Surftech Blacktip – Oxbow Stand Ups

Baby Queens Session with Duane DeSoto

I got a chance to ride two of the Oxbow stand up paddle boards on July 2. Duane DeSoto called up and said he was taking his family (5 kids and wife) along with a bunch of family friends and kids to Baby Queens in Waikiki. I took my family to meet up with them for a fun late afternoon get together. I really wanted my boys to play with Duane’s kids so that they get more comfortable in the water. Continue reading ‘Baby Queens Session with Duane DeSoto – Surftech Blacktip – Oxbow Stand Ups’

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Session with C4 at Cardiff Reef

By Matt Argyle
reprinted by permission

Ted Rutherford

Before we got over the Southern California (SoCal) Bill Fitzhugh from BSUPA had put us in contact with some people in California, one person was Ted Rutherford, who, apart from being a full time airline pilot, is also C4 Waterman’s US mainland representative.  
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Stand Up Paddling – The Great Fitness Workout

Check out this video from Surftech featuring some of the US top triathletes promoting the training benefits of SUP.

Surftech works with top triathletes and trainers to show how standup paddling offers a fun, social and challenging activity while providing a rigorous core workout to supplement their regular training.

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Tropical Blends Newsletter

Here’s the latest from Tropical Blends

Tropical Blends

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Stand Up Paddle Skateboarding

My son seems to think that everything needs a paddle. See the video.

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Surfer paddles with Pele

Looks surprisingly similar to the article on Reid Inouye and Leleo Kinmaka a while back…

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C.J. Kanuha brings cultural respect to his ride near the lava

By Rod Thompson

HILO » When professional Big Island surfer C.J. Kanuha paddled within a few yards of lava flowing into the ocean on the island’s southeastern coast, he did it with culturally appropriate respect, he says.

Kanuha, 24, from Kailua-Kona, does not think anyone should try to copy the feat. “No, I would not recommend it,” he said. Continue reading ‘Surfer paddles with Pele’

New Takayama Fins

Donald Takayama 4” side fins and 8” middle pivot fin

In an interview I did with Donald Takayama he mentioned some state of the art radical new fin designs. I asked when they will be available and he wasn’t sure so I called up Steve over at Surftech and he had some that I demo’d. They are so different that I didn’t even know which side was forward.

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Tandem Stand Up Paddle Surf Video


Here’s a cool video courtesy of Heath Thompson from Waterlogged Video Productions. Check them out at and give Heath a call at 808-292-9185 if you’re interested in hiring him to shoot your video.

This was shot on a day that my 5 year old son was off from school and I took him to Puena Point on the North Shore of Oahu to stand up paddle surf with me.

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