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Q&A – Surftech Infinity


I bought an Infinity, I’m glad I did. It’s a little on the heavy side but not bad. It’s loose… I like the way it rides and is easy to stay on while waiting for waves.

Question, will Infinity be making a Surftech version of this model. Since owning it I’ve depressed the deck & the grip on the front is starting to peel off. The front I can see it’s just tape. Clearly not a Jack Reeves, Alvin, or Clays glass job. I’ve been a backyard glasser for many years, I’ve played a lot with epoxies.

As a side note I went to Home Depot & got Rubber Mastic Tape 30″/$10.00 for wrapping the edge of the paddle (you don’t get a sticker though).

Create a Great Day


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C4 Waterman/Boardworks Bob’s Mission Surf Demo Day

C4 Waterman/Boardworks
Bob’s Mission Surf
Demo Day
Tourmaline Surf Park
Tuesday 10 June, 0800 to 1200

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Laird Hamilton Interview on Good Morning America

Check out Laird talking about stand up paddle surfing on Good Morning America. Laird states that if he could only do one sport it would be stand up paddling. He also wants to stand up paddle in a hurricane.

Laird Hamilton
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Oahu Contests June 7 and 8, 2008

China’s 12th Annual Wahine Classic: June 7th, & 8th, 2008

Primo Hawaii Kai to Kaimana race for charity is on June 7.
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Soljah Presents
The Primo Stand Up Challenge
A benefit for Malama Maunalua

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
From Hawaii Kai to The Elk’s Club

C4 Waterman Vortice XP Instructional Video

Check out the new instructional video on the C4 Vortice XP directly from C4 co-founder Todd Bradley.

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Joe Blair 8-7 Longboard Quad for Big Guys

Joe Blair 8-7 Longboard Quad for Big Guys

I know this isn’t a stand up paddle board but this may be an addition to your surf quiver. It’s a special surfboard built by Joe Blair for older or heavier guys. Here’s what Joe has to say on the board.

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C4 Waterman-Boardworks-Legends Surf Shop Demo Day

C4 Waterman / Boardworks / Legend’s Surf Shop
Demo Day
South of Dog Patch, San Onofre
Wednesday, 4 June, 0800-1130

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1st Annual Race For The Reef Paddling Fundraiser


C4 Waterman Field Report #0037
Where: Maunalua Bay, O’ahu
When: May 25th, 2008
What: 1st Annual Race For The Reef Paddling Fundraiser

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Surftech SUP Showdown


The First annual Surftech SUP showdown took place in conjunction with the 24th Annual Santa Cruz Longboard Union Memorial Day Surf Contest at the infamous Steamer Lane. Small conditions did nothing to temper the crowd’s excitement as competitors drew one of 7 Surftech boards on which they competed in their first round heat.

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DaKine SUP Board Bag

DaKine SUP Board Bag

I bought a DaKine board bag for a friend for Christmas which turned out to be the best present he got last year. The bag was for a 9′ longboard but that gave me insight into the quality of these bags. For the first 3 months of 2008 we drove to the north shore quite a bit and this bag really came in handy.

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icon for podpress  DaKine SUP Board Bag [2:25m]: Download
icon for podpress  DaKine SUP Board Bag [2:26m]: Download

Maxfield Provisions Stand Up Paddle Cover

Maxfield Provisions Stand Up Paddle Cover

I met up with Shawn Maxfield a month or two ago and he showed me his new paddle covers. These are some of the highest quality covers I’ve seen so far. There is padding of some sort on the inside. The zipper is YKK and slides smooth. The outside is a cool weave. All in all it’s a great cover and Shawn is an interesting guy to talk to. We ended up going stand up paddling at Rest Camp in Makaha and had a blast.

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Stand Up Paddle Surfing Demo & Clinic by Surf N Sea

Learn to Stand-up Paddle Surf!

Surf N Sea Hawaii is offering a SUP Clinic this Memorial Day weekend for everyone interested in the fast-growing sport of Stand-up Paddle Surfing (SUP).

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Pono Bill and Ke Nalu

If you haven’t already seen it, check out It’s a fairly new stand up paddle site built by Pono Bill from The site has a ton of equipment info and the editorial is informative and funny. I was laughing while reading the article titled “surf guest – that soap is not for you” and then I thought, “Is he talking about me?” I hope not. Anyway, Bill’s site is definitely a worthwhile read.

Surftech Takayama and Teene

Surftech Takayama and Teene

A month or two ago I met up with Teene F and Shawn M out in Makaha to demo the Surftech Takayama 10’3”. Shawn’s friend came with him and got some awesome Hawaii weather. I had already tried the Surftech 10’7” at Pono Bill’s big board test and fell in love. The first day of the board test was knee high waves so it was hard to tell but the second day we went to Kanaha and got some great head high surf and the board just came alive.

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Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race

Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race
Presented by Nixon
May 17th, 2008

Thirty Two local paddlers came together for the First annual running of the “Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race” from Oceanside to Encinitas, a distance of just over 11 miles. Continue reading ‘Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race’