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North Shore Challenge Distance Race


Here are some more pictures from the 2011 North Shore Challenge. These ones are from the distance race on day 2. The start was late and I was on a time schedule. The launch was from the Kawela Bay side of Turtle Bay and finish was at Haleiwa. Since the race started late, I had to leave before it finished.
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Free SUB9 Paddle with iSUP Purchase

Get a free paddle with the purchase of a new iSUP from C4 Waterman. Carbon Kevlar paddles on sale and new women’s apparel.


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S.I.C. Custom Bullet 12′ SUP Race Board


I recently took delivery on the new SIC Bullet 12 and I believe this is the first Bullet 12 with steering and the new handle. First thing I noticed was how light the board is. When I unloaded it out of the shipping container, even with the cardboard box it seemed way lighter than I expected. I was blown away when Mark told me he thought the board weighs 21 lbs.
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C4 Waterman SUBNine X-Wing Stand Up Racing Paddle


C4 Waterman just released their new X-Wing stand up racing paddle from C4 Waterman’s SUBNine line. This is probably the most unique paddle design I’ve seen in a while. For the most part, in the last few years the paddles have has similar blade shapes, widths ranging from 7″ to 9.5″ and dihedral or non dihedral. Weights have dropped to around a pound for the lighter racing versions and different carbon layups have been seen. There are even paddles with different textures on the surface of the blade like the dimples on a Quickblade Magic.
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Robert Stehlik Surfing the Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP Board


Blue Planet Surf just launched a signature line of SUP and surfboards. Here’s a few shots of Robert Stehlik SUP surfing the new Blue Planet 10′6″ SUP stand up paddle board at Turtle Bay. Waves that day were shoulder to overhead and it was fairly windy. The 10′6″ looked pretty stable and judging from Robert’s surfing, it turns pretty well for a wide board. I think most of these were sold already so check with Blue Planet to see when the next shipment arrives.
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New S.I.C. SUP Race Boards for 2012


I caught up with Mark Raaphorst to show off some of the new SUP race boards for S.I.C.’s 2012 line.
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WaveJet Propulsion System


I recently met Mike Railey (CEO and inventor) of WaveJet and he showed me some of their prototype boards which uses the WaveJet Pod propulsion system. This is basically a small jet engine that attaches to the bottom of a water vehicle. Check out the video below where Mike explains the WaveJet Propulsion System in more detail. Also in the video are some clips of me and my friend Kekoa Mau test riding a couple of WaveJet SUP boards. Continue reading ‘WaveJet Propulsion System’

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2011 North Shore Challenge Surf Race


Above photo is Zane Schweitzer throwing up a winning hand sign after he clinches the win. I was sick, hurt ribs and on antibiotics but I made the drive to this race and was happy in my decision. The race was held at the Turtle Bay Resort which is a little over an hour drive each way from my house. In Hawaii, we contemplate driving anywhere over 15 minutes. To drive an hour, it’s gotta be special. Continue reading ‘2011 North Shore Challenge Surf Race’

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The C4 Waterman SUPZILLA


C4 brought out their Supzilla in full force at the Duke’s Oceanfest here in Honolulu earlier this year. Here’s a video of the C4 Waterman crew as they try to set the record for most stand up paddlers on a wave. This was taken during the 2011 Duke’s OceanFest.
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Why Connor Baxter Dominates in the Water

I was talking with Karen Baxter (Connor’s mom) and she mentioned that Connor was sponsored when he was 6 years old. That was unreal. Then she shared all these crazy stories of how Connor would ride on people’s backs, front of windsurfers, etc so I asked her to send some pictures. You can see for yourself. After seeing these pictures, it’s not hard to understand why Connor is so comfortable in the ocean and why he’s been dominating in the water. Am I a Connor fan boy? Yes. Not only is he a good stand up paddler, he’s also a great guy from a nice family. I hope you enjoy these old ads that Karen sent. She also sent the captions.
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Save up to 45% on C4 Waterman iSURF Boards


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2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge Event #1 – Recap by Connor Baxter


Connor Wins the Overall Title in Fiji!!!

The 2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge was a great event. The first day they started off big and ran the long distance race first. They said the race was going to be 19 miles, but it ended up being 23 miles. The race was from Natadola Beach on the main island to Namotu Island and there were about 15 of us at the starting line. We were all on 12′6″ race boards – which made the crossing that much more challenging. It was a beach start and once I heard go – it was on. Continue reading ‘2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge Event #1 – Recap by Connor Baxter’

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SUP Surfing Board Bottom Configurations by Len Barrow


I was at Blue Planet Surf checking out their new line of SUP and surfboards and was able to get Len Barrow from the Zen Waterman Blog share his knowledge on bottom contours and configurations on surfboards and SUP surfing boards. Len explains vee, concaves and gives some history on what has brought us to the modern surfboard bottoms.
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C4 Waterman Black Friday Specials


See the full list of specials below or at

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Connor Baxter in Action – Videos

This was sent to us via email by Karen Baxter.

Aloha Everyone -

During this past year Connor put together some YouTube videos I wanted to share.

Please enjoy – and pass them along to anyone else you think will enjoy. Thanks so much!!

Africa SUPafari:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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