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The C4 Waterman SUPZILLA


C4 brought out their Supzilla in full force at the Duke’s Oceanfest here in Honolulu earlier this year. Here’s a video of the C4 Waterman crew as they try to set the record for most stand up paddlers on a wave. This was taken during the 2011 Duke’s OceanFest.
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Why Connor Baxter Dominates in the Water

I was talking with Karen Baxter (Connor’s mom) and she mentioned that Connor was sponsored when he was 6 years old. That was unreal. Then she shared all these crazy stories of how Connor would ride on people’s backs, front of windsurfers, etc so I asked her to send some pictures. You can see for yourself. After seeing these pictures, it’s not hard to understand why Connor is so comfortable in the ocean and why he’s been dominating in the water. Am I a Connor fan boy? Yes. Not only is he a good stand up paddler, he’s also a great guy from a nice family. I hope you enjoy these old ads that Karen sent. She also sent the captions.
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Save up to 45% on C4 Waterman iSURF Boards


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2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge Event #1 – Recap by Connor Baxter


Connor Wins the Overall Title in Fiji!!!

The 2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge was a great event. The first day they started off big and ran the long distance race first. They said the race was going to be 19 miles, but it ended up being 23 miles. The race was from Natadola Beach on the main island to Namotu Island and there were about 15 of us at the starting line. We were all on 12′6″ race boards – which made the crossing that much more challenging. It was a beach start and once I heard go – it was on. Continue reading ‘2011 Namotu World Paddle Challenge Event #1 – Recap by Connor Baxter’

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SUP Surfing Board Bottom Configurations by Len Barrow


I was at Blue Planet Surf checking out their new line of SUP and surfboards and was able to get Len Barrow from the Zen Waterman Blog share his knowledge on bottom contours and configurations on surfboards and SUP surfing boards. Len explains vee, concaves and gives some history on what has brought us to the modern surfboard bottoms.
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C4 Waterman Black Friday Specials


See the full list of specials below or at

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Connor Baxter in Action – Videos

This was sent to us via email by Karen Baxter.

Aloha Everyone -

During this past year Connor put together some YouTube videos I wanted to share.

Please enjoy – and pass them along to anyone else you think will enjoy. Thanks so much!!

Africa SUPafari:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Starboard SUP Surfing the Sternwheeler

Dan Gavere surfs the wake of a sternwheeler traveling thru the Columbia Gorge in Oregon/Washington on a Starboard Big EZ and the 2012 prototype Ace 14′x25″. This goes to show you can find waves in very unique places.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Save up to 43% off a new C4 Waterman SUP


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12′6″ SUP race board speed test by Robert Stehlik

This article was originally published at the Zen Waterman Blog.

It’s been a while since our unlimited board test, where I said we would soon organize a test of 12′6″ and 14′ boards.
My friend Scotty had two 12′6 Hobie race boards and a Bark that he wanted to comparison test. I brought four more 12′6’s for a total of 7 boards to test, which worked out perfectly as seven testers showed up bright and early on a Saturday morning (Nov. 6th, 2011) to go through the rigorous 14 laps needed to test all the boards. Photos and specs of the individual boards are shown below. Unfortunately there were some wind gusts that affected times of the individual runs but because each board was tested in each run, these variations in conditions should average out over the results. Also, some of us had to run 8 rounds as someone tested the same board twice somewhere along the way, which threw everything off a little but in the end everyone toughed it out and tested all seven boards.
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SUP Clinic this Sunday, Nov.6th , 8-10 am

Blue Planet Surf

Blue Planet Surf brings you free clinics and board demos with safety, board design, advanced paddle technique clinics for intermediate and advanced paddlers and a introduction to SUP for first timers. Try our demo fleet for free, learn beginner and advanced paddle technique at the clinics and get advice on equipment. Demo boards by Blue Planet, Starboards, Riviera, Aquaglide, C4 Waterman, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Dennis Pang, Everpaddle, and more, including SUP race boards, click here for our most current list of rental boards. Hosted by Blue Planet Surf Shop, Wet Feet and other guest businesses.
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12 Coupons of Christmas – Holiday Specials from C4 Waterman

Give the B.E.S.T. gifts this holiday season!

Now that Halloween is behind us, it is time to kick-off the holidays with a bang! C4 Waterman is pleased to announce our new promotion The 12 Coupons of Christmas. Continue reading ‘12 Coupons of Christmas – Holiday Specials from C4 Waterman’

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New Blue Planet Surf SUP Products


Robert Stehlik shows us some useful products developed by Blue Planet Surf. These include an epoxy ‘ding stick’, clear, smooth rail tape, and a couple of new fins for downwind racing.
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Starboard Launches 2012 SUP Catalog


The highly anticipated 2012 Starboard SUP catalog is now released. Can’t wait to try out the new boards. More info coming soon.

Click here to download

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Boardworks C4 Waterman Inventory Closeout Sale

Boardworks is no longer making boards for C4 Waterman and is closing out the remaining inventory in stock at the Oahu warehouse. This is your chance to buy a C4 Waterman board at wholesale price, only at Blue Planet Surf Shop, while supplies last.
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